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Doomed by Palestine and Israel to Eternal Violence Due to the Intractable Nature of Their Conflict

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Palestine and Israel have been locked in conflict for years. There is one key factor that plays a major role in whether or not Israel and Palestine can overcome the conflict and violence that they find themselves in. To overcome conflict individuals must go back to the root of it all in order to understand it and learn to empathize with each individual involved (The Guardian, 2019). For Israel and Palestine this means thinking back to the time of the holocaust as well as the beginning of the British mandate over the country in order to learn to appreciate the opposing perspectives they have (NY Times, 2019). Palestine and Israel have both developed into trauma-organized societies, violence has become a normal behavior and is now a cultural logic that is being pushed onto future generations (Eyad Hallaq, 2006). In a psychological study it has been found that the exposure of rocket attacks on teens in Israel has lead to them having an increasingly violent demeanor, therefore proving that violence begets more violence (The Daily Beast 2017). If Israel and Palestine are not able to return to the root of the conflict it has become obvious that the violence they are using will only continue as future generations are learning this to be a social norm (SBS 2019). The issue at hand is that people look to their leaders for guidance and as long as the leaders believe that the opposing side is not ready for peace, people will not question this ultimately pointless destruction of each other (NY Times, 2019).

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The Gulf War was triggered by Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait. Iraq’s leader wished to take control of the oil reserves that resided in Kuwait in order to expand Iraq’s power in the region (Britannica, 2019). This invasion shocked fellow Arab powers to call on the United States and other western nations to help intervene. Iraq inevitably lost the war and suffered enormous damage as did Kuwait (History, 2009)

The Six Day war is the third war from the Arab-Israeli conflict. This war stemmed from not one particular dispute, but instead from a series of events that heightened tension. Many disputes about the border were a significant spark for the start of this war. This war was brief and bloody as the Israel Defence forces launched airstrikes against Egypt and its allies (History, 2018). Israel’s victory in this war not only increased their national pride by significant amounts but also exacerbated the Arab-Israeli conflict (Britannica, 2018). Arabs loss in this war prompted the signing of the Khartoum Resolutions that promised no peace, no recognition and no negotiations with Israel, slamming the door on any chance of a peaceful resolution between the two parties (Arab heads of state, 1967). The writing of the Khartoum Resolutions supports that the conflict will likely not come to a peaceful conclusion and will continue to be a violent clash. The policy of “no peace with Israel, no recognition of Israel, no negotiations with Israel” had been officially followed since the 1949 armistice negotiation but by incorporating the policy into the Khartoum Resolutions it only accentuates the fact that Arab is strongly against any sort of conclusion (Mid East Web, 2017).

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