Drugs Abuse in Educational Institutions

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Educational institutions portray an important role in furnishing students with a bright future.But the question arises,``Is the future of students secure in educational institutions which are at a higher risk of drug abuse?” Drugs cripple the future of students thoroughly. The percentage of students suffering from this heinous act is increasing day by day. Drug abuse in educational institutions has become a world wide issue.Private institutions are more susceptible to drug abuse as comared to government sectors.According to a survey by the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse,almost 17% students in American high schools are using legal drugs.About 6% studnts in high schools of Egypt are becoming obsessive of this abhorrent act.Similarly, In US 37% of college students are addicted to illicit use of drugs.According to a report in UK, two out of five students in universities are accustomed to drugs.The rate of drug abuse in Canada,Iran,Toronto,Brazil and Italy is also alarming.Where the whole world is confronting this grave issue,Pakistan is also not exempted from this curse. In whole country out of 9 million drug addicts 2 million are in between age of 15-25.Almost 50% students are addicted in schools and universities of Islamabad and Lahore.Pakistan and the whole world is endeavouring to venture out from this drug abyss.Every year,United Nations International day against drugs and illicit use of subsance abuse is ceremonialized on June 26.United Nation Office on Drugs and Crime(UNDOC)decides a theme every year to consolidate its enterprises and educational institutions against drug trafficking to counteract the deleterious effects of drug abuse.In 2019,the slogan of this International day was'Health for Justice,Justice for Health'.This slogan stands in for,the effectual comeback to this worldwide drug issue calls for proper organizations and institutions to combat criminal injustice and health implications imparted to students and young generation.Health is one side and justice is the flip side of the same coin.United Nations predates satisfactory after effects of such exertions because what a country and a nation needs is the economic progression and a secure future of students who are the future of a sovereign state.So,effective proceedings should be there to impede drug abuse among students in colleges and universities.

Almost in every institution of a country a substantial proportion of students is using drugs either soft, hard or psychoactive.In Toronto,about 6447 students are addicted to soft drugs in grades 7,8,11 and 13.Soft drugs like Chhaliya,weed,Pan,Hashish,gutka are common in high schools and thus every student is falling for their usage easily.And its beyond doubt,if school students are using these drugs,college and university students are also not absolved of this felony. These light drugs bring students into being for hard drugs like Heroin,Opium,Cocaine,Crystal meth,ectasy,Marijuana,reefer etc.These drugs are as poisonous as Cyanide and I call these drugs “slow cyanide” as they gradually put an end to a person's life ,thus assassinating a number of lives,dreams,aspirations ambitions and hopes affiliated with student's kin,friends,teachers and the students themselves.As a whole,drugs numb the future of students with almost no chances of revival.

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Drug abuse in schools is becoming the most pandemic situation.As per report of Senior Anti-Narcotics Officer,drug abuse rate is more startling in elite schools.According to a research conducted by Center on Addiction,about 50% of teens take admission in high schools where legal drugs are being traded in and are easily available in grounds,canteens and from seniors.The age at which students are enrolled at schools is very sensitive and more susceptible to misdeeds as well as swift learning.But it depends on the environment of schools laid out for students.If there are promising rules and regulations regarding drug resistance then there are shallow chances for students to fall for drug abuse.

Colleges are also tempted to drug use at a high proportion worldwide.In this combative high society,every one wants to fit in a particular situation. So do the college students as they experience a totally new environment in colleges. They encounter a sense of freedom and independence which was not there for them in schools.And this may be the very reason of students being coaxed According to an interim report of Harvard School of Public Health,about 47% college students have tried marijuana,weed and reefer(cannabis cigarette used as psychoactive drug)at least once and 30%of them have confessed using them.But the question arises,”what is the initiative of students which yank them into this peril of drug abyss?”Are students enchanted with drugs by themselves or being dragged by some extraneous factors.The answer to this lies in the question itself,as both factors take account of this fact.There is a significant number of drug dealers including some students in educational institutions who provide students with hashish,cocaine and marijuana.Marijuana also called as weed or cannabis when sold is in powdered form and is used as a mind altering drug.The National center on Addiction and Drug Abuse found in a report,12.7%of college students use it at least once.It can be eaten by mixing it in cup cakes,coffee,cookies etc.Thus,it is easily accessible in colleges and universities or at peddlers outside the universities.

Alcohol is the most regular drug abused almost in every institution .If a drug is more easy to access,students are more liable to its addiction.Parties and concerts are common in colleges and universities and drugs are also there for the purpose of jollity.Some students originally come across with alcohol and many other drugs in these parties and gradually fall prey to hard drugs.

Bringe drinking is the upshot of alcohol abuse.Bringe drinking is the abuse of 4 drinks of alcohol or beer by woman and 5 drinks for man within 2 hours.Sometimes bringe drinking causes immediate death for students who have never encountered alcohol before.According to National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University,anually 1700 students directly die from alcohol poisoning. Greek system students are 26% more at risk of bringe drinking.

Drug abuse in Lahore, Rawalpindi and Islamabad is increasing briskly and this is ascribed to the conributory laxity of ministry of education and federal police.They are baffeling the whole nation and the institutions of which they are authorised in a way that they are concerned about the future and lives of students,but in actuality they have nothing to do with this deed of convenant.All these charade personalities are there just for double-dealing.Although some praise-worthy people are there in but they are just equal to not being in. Because a person with knowledge and know-how but not in power or sovereignty is bootless.

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