The Measures And Preventions Of Drug Abuse Among Teens

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Many students face numerous threats, including drug misuse, struggle, and medical issues. Responding to these risks sedates before they become progressively genuine issues can be extreme. One of the motivations behind managing drug misuse is to urge the general population to comprehend the issues of medication misuse and to stop its begin. Drug abuse has dangerous results in our families, colleges, and communities. The use of all illegal drugs and the inappropriate use of licit drugs is considered drug abuse. Students who try these drugs put their life and health at danger.

Making healthy choices it is important for teens and we should help stop teen drug abuse by talking to them about the bad effects of doing these drugs. Giving awareness about drug abuse can be very important and essential to help them. Drug abuse can affect students brains, healths, and relationships and all student should be aware of how these drugs are dangerous. This awareness can help them understand the possible damage that could happen or the damage that has already occurred. According to a scholarly journal article, “The non-medical use of prescription stimulants represents a high-risk behavior that should be monitored further and intervention efforts are needed to curb this form of drug use” (Non-medical use of prescription stimulants among US college students). Drug abuse education is all the necessary information about what treatment needs and required to make everybody involved in the potential outcome. Teaching people about drug and alcohol abuse and how to avoid, stop, or get help for drug use disorders, and this can start at a young age is the main focus of drug abuse education. When parents educated their kids that when education started, and in schools, we need to create a program about drug abuse awareness and all the potential dangers. For all students, drug abuse education should be incorporated into the school curriculum as well.

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The parents who want to learn and understand about drug abuse(they can share the information with their kids) can attend classes, club meetings, and research data online in order to learn deeper about the topic and become educated regarding drug abuse for their kids. Drug abuse education is important for kids, teens, and adults alike; there are many misunderstandings about generally used legal and banned drugs, such as alcohol and marijuana. Ensuring that children are educated about drugs can help to stop them from using drugs, mainly ones that are made to seem harmless, but are in fact quite addictive or dangerous to the body. Helping adults understand the outcomes of drug use can anticipate an issue from developing and can furnish the data they can impart to their kids to anticipate later issues.

Having knowledge is power and with accurate information about the subject, parents will be more likely to make a fact-based and educated choice. When educating people, all drugs should be treated, regardless of the power or perceived risk of hurt. While pills, cocaine, and methamphetamine are seen as “strong drugs,” and therefore have serious consequences, “secondary drugs,” for instance marijuana and alcohol can still be addictive and are usually damaged. Individuals of any age ought to know about the harm that all medications and liquor can possibly do to the body, brain. Knowledge and awareness can change people perspective about drug use and help any student to avoid using these drugs. When students know and be aware of the damage and risks of cigarette and marijuana, there less chance to get addicted and the usage will decrease among all students.

In contrast, banning the drugs and avoiding selling them it is not a good way to decrease the drug use among student because there are many students with anxiety and ADHD problem that need to use medication such as Adderall and marijuana to prevent this issue. So, banning all forms of these drugs and limit student is not a good method to avoid drug abuse such as alcohol and marijuana. They are already in school and student may know so they have to be aware of the damages to don’t let any drug destroy the body and mind of our student. However, high school and college students are more at risk of drug abuse and they are on target. Moreover, a “survey found that 44% of high school students know a classmate who sells drugs at school, and 60% say that drugs are available on campus. Marijuana was the most-sold on school grounds, students said, as well as prescription drugs, cocaine, and ecstasy” (Carl Azuz - CNN). So, Instead of banning these drugs or limit the children's, we have to give them the knowledge and be aware of the consequences of these drugs so they can have the knowledge they need to make the best, healthiest decisions.

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