Effects And Consequences Of Drug Abuse On Adults And Teens

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Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Types Of Drugs
  3. Uses of drugs
  4. Prescribed drugs
  5. Illegal street drugs
  6. Effects on Health
  7. Preventative Measures
  8. Conclusion


Drug misuse is defined as the consumption of harmful medical substances in excessive amounts disobeying the medical guidelines. It has a negative impact on health. Some people who misuse drugs have many social and health problems which lead to the consequence of addiction. Thus, drug misuse refers to a state, when a drug becomes important part of a person’s life and he is completely dependent on that drug. Misuse of drug can effect on physiological and physical dependency of a person(Karpov et al. 2015). Some drugs can cause addiction and all drugs can cause bad health effect. Drug addiction is a complex disease which needs long term extensive treatment. The rush of pleasure for taking excessive drugs can provide temporary solace but later it can cause a serious health issues. The preventative measures of drugs misuse are the first and important step to recover the drug addicted persons. This research paper has analyzed the impact of drug abuse among individual health of teenagers and provided preventative measures for mitigating this issue.

Types Of Drugs

There are seven different types of substances. All these have their own effects on the individual body and their own risks(Types of drugs,2019). These types are

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  1. Stimulants: Stimulants impact the central nervous system (CNS) of the body, which causes the user to feel 'speed up.'
  2. Depressants : Depressants impacts the CNS of body as stimulants does, but in the opposite effect. They make the person feel as things are slowing down.
  3. Hallucinogens: These kind of drugs results in disrupting brain communication.
  4. Dissociative: These distort the perception of the reality by the user, and causes users to dissociate themselves or feel like they are watching their own bodies from outside.
  5. Opioids: Opioids are very strong pain relievers that makes the user feel euphoria. They are habit-forming, sometimes they can cause addiction even a couple of days.
  6. Inhalants: These drugs also cause feeling of euphoria. They are made up of household items and as the name suggests, these drugs are always inhaled and taken in in the form of gases or fumes.
  7. Cannbis: It acts like a hallucinogen, as well as depressant. It has a high potential for addiction but it has also many medicinal uses.

Uses of drugs

Utilization of drugs pursues psychotropic as opposed to medicinal purposes. Among the most widely recognized psychotropic drugs are sedatives (opium, morphine, and heroin), psychedelic drugs (LSD, mescaline, and psilocybin), barbiturates, cocaine, amphetamines, sedatives, and cannabis. Liquor and tobacco are additionally some of the time delegated drugs. The term sedate maltreatment is regularly connected to inordinate and addictive utilization of drugs. Since such drugs can have serious physiological and mental, just as social, impacts, numerous administrations manage their utilization (Kolind et al. 2016). For example, some of the drug sellers tend to target youth folk those are intoxicated or alcoholic. On the other hand, using fake prescription, some addicted heads also try to manage drugs illegally from street sources.

Prescribed drugs

The authorities of prescription to assess and embrace treatment approaches that are quality put together and that work with respect to the assets and qualities of the customer's way of life, singular attributes and encounters, otherworldliness, and family. Among Hispanic/Latina customers, families are commonly an essential piece of the encouraging group of people and can work as an asset in recuperation. Correspondingly, the centrality of family ties may give inspiration to treatment and an awareness of other's expectations to family. In an examination that assessed the job of family in decreasing or postponing liquor use among youthful Hispanic/Latina females, benefits that assistance improves parental clinics can have long haul constructive outcomes (Drummer and Yap, 2016).

Financial status, age, and time span are related with substance use and substance use issue among network based people. Of specific concern, the 2015 Youth Risk Behavior Survey found a developing predominance of liquor and other medication use among pre-adult Hispanic/Latina females (Petrie et al. 2016). Studies have likewise detached work, conjugal status, and instructive dimension as indicators of liquor utilization and substance use issue among Hispanics/Latinas. In an investigation assessing racial/ethnic contrasts among ladies with co-happening mental and substance use issue, Hispanic/Latina ladies had critical social weakness described by lower financial and instructive status, introduction to savage wrongdoings, and higher rates of criminal equity association (Paul et al. 2018).

Illegal street drugs

Illegal drug use is incredibly harming our young people today, and in their future. It is in the psyche of each parent and open alike. However with the alarm of harming the lives of things to come and it is a fact that availability of drugs and insufficient administration has increased the practices on illegal drug use on the streets. As stated by Hindmarch (2017), from the beginning of the disclosure of cannabis, cocaine, and other illegal drugs, the open has seen the negative results and outcomes of utilizing them. In any case, transient assessments won't cover them – nor should society need to urge less demanding access to a medication that can prompt reliance, has wellbeing dangers, and diminishes readiness, to give some examples of its contrary results. Through close to home perception, youngsters from age thirteen and up (now and then significantly more youthful), as of now have the friend strain to smoke, drink, be fierce and be explicitly dynamic. Ceasing and sentencing individuals who disseminate the drugs is a decent method to help stop the spread of the substances, yet more cash needs to go to avoiding it. By included requests for anticipation through media, parental help, and government laws, illicit drugs may turn into a panic of the past, not a pattern for what's to come (Monteith and Glenn, 2018).

There are certain aspects prevailing in the field of illegal use of drugs. However, there is no difference between the categories. In that concern, the important fact is that such usages of drugs has no limitation and excessive intake has caused into mental issues among individuals even in some cases death.

Effects on Health

Taking huge amount of medicines or drug s in an illegal way is harmful to health. As for example drugs that are commonly misused are tobacco, alcohol sleeping tablet and others are very dangerous to health without following medical guidelines. Based on the study of Fang et al. (2016), people in Australia who are taking drugs illegally have faced legal trouble. They also have several students who are using pharmaceutical drugs for non-medical purpose. Many teenagers are using non prescribed medicine in order to reduce their anxiety, stress, pressure and which creates dangerous effect on health. Moreover, from 1999 the death ration by drug abusing has been increased by 4 times (1.6 per 10000 persons respectively) in Australia. Death ratio of the youngsters (Less than 35 years) is greater than the death ratio of other people (abs.gov.au, 2019). As opined by Karpoov (2015) at the schools it has been evident that most of the students start their substance addiction from 14 years of age and all the students have tried the drugs at least once in life. But as per the research results there are students who have negative attitude towards the drug issue. The authors argued that 1% of the parents have a positive attitude towards the drugs which is a very serious issue of Australian society. According to Haffajee, R. L. (2015), when adolescents reach at that stage of life where they are unable to take the pressure of life, their mentality is to take drugs for releasing the pressure, and almost 79% of the middle aged person is taking drugs for this reason. This can be supported with the findings of Emmers, Bekkering & Hannes, (2015), which shows that people are addicted towards the Euphoria created by drugs. Some people are also addictive towards the dizzy effect created by sedatives and depressants. However, they argued that the indiscipline and unhealthy lifestyles of the parents can harm the future generation. Majority of drug abusers think that taking drugs and alcohol is the solution to avoid realities and pressure of life. Person who is addicted to a drug may suffer from social and health problem which may include cardiac problems, respiratory problem, HIV and others. Moreover, it will create mental health problems like suicidal thoughts, anxiety, depression and others. Intake of excessive amount of drugs may also lead people in doing illegal activities and crimes.

Preventative Measures

CAP Theory: Based on the study of Han et al. (2017), Cap control theory refers to the interaction of Cognitive Affective Pharmacologic Effects of taking drug. This theory is also makes several expectations for treatment of drug abuse. CAP theory is associated with the use of drugs with pharmacokinetics drug effect and interaction of individual’s style. Cognitive approach for drug abuser plays a vital role in individuals while moving from experimentation of drug to drug abuse. CAP theory help in reduction of stress from individual minds which is effective for making person free from drug misuse. This theory can help in implementing multimodal approach which is helpful in mitigating faulty thinking and can teach in developing interpersonal skills. This can provide a scope to the drug addict person in coping up with the pain and anxiety which can further help in the building of self-positive image.

Global Initiatives: initial approach for prevention plays an important role among people before they start to depend on drugs. Thus, global initiative will help to stop using drugs among people who are already addicted to it. People under the age of 14 are more willing to use illegal substances as they get forced or influenced by their companions, relatives or from someone who is already addicted. Thus, global initiative helps them to stop by providing guidance and awareness.

Family support and Guidance: Support and guidance that has been provided by family will help to deal with life pressure and will help in gaining ability to accept the realities. Over the year many medical issue is coming in front regarding this drug issues. Not only are the youngsters, but also the middle age people getting affected by doing the over doses of the drugs. Few parents are also involved in this addiction, as results the rate of unhealthy child birth in Australia Haffajee, R. L. (2015). Although the Australian government is implementing strict decision to stop the drug abuse, the people still need to be taught the methods of meditation so they can get a motivation to lead a healthy life.


In the entire study, it has been found that drugs misuse is a serious health issue which can destroy the entire health of an individual. Researchers have also found that facing certain challenges such as doing poorly in school or conflict in family increase the likelihood those boys will abuse substance. Australian government should implement rules and laws that teenagers cannot get easily access to the drugs. Government should provide funds to health professionals, caregivers, medical assistants so that they can arrange camps to provide necessary education about the harmful effects on consuming drugs. As we know that it is long-term treatment to avoid taking drugs, but with the help of government and health professionals, caregivers, it can be easier to take over this issue because teenagers are future of country.

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