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Effects of Human Migration on Society as a Result of Industrialization: Analytical Essay

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The overall development of a country depends on the maximum utilization of her people, resource, and technology & this world is a “globalized industrial world”. In present time production is mainly depends on the industry which refers to the production of goods, especially when that production is accomplished with machines & these machines drive by the human resources. Industrialization is the transition to an economy based on the large scale, machine-assisted production of goods by a concentrated, usually urban, the population of workers manufacturing, which literally means “making by hand”, has come to describe mechanical production in factions, mills & other industrial plants. Need to large number of people for industrialization. That is why millions of people moved during the industrial revolution. Migration is mainly two types such as domestic migration & internal migration. We discuss domestic migrated people for industrialization & effects on society like positive or negative in various ways. Such as economic effect, cultural effect, health effect, housing problem, increased density of population in an industrial area, environmental effect, decrease the production of agriculture, increase urban area etc. At the same time, migrated people create many challenges in society.

Background of the Study

Migration (Human Migration) denotes any movement by a human being from one locality to another after over long distance or in large groups. Migration (Human Migration) initiated for whatever reason, has affected the grand epochs in history, changing forever the demographic landscape of lands throughout the world, bringing, on some occasions innovation & mutual benefits, and on others destructions & suffering. Migration (Human Migration) has taken place at all times & in the greatest variety of circumstances. They have involved tribal, national, class and industrial levels. Causes have been climatic, political, economic, religious or simply for the love of adventure. Its causes & result are fundamental for the study of the ethnology of political & social history & of political economy. Historical Migration (Human Migration) of human populations began with the movement of “Homo erectus” out of Africa across Eurasia about millions of years ago. Home sapiens appears to have colonized all of Africa about 150 millennia ago, moved out of Africa some 80 millennia ago and speed across Eurasia and to Australia before 40 millennia ago. Migration to the Americas took place about 20 to 15 millennia ago, and by two millennia ago, most of the pacific islands were colonized. Later population movements notably include the Neolithic revolution. The Indo-European expansion & early medieval great migration including Turkic expansion. The Indo-European migration had variously been dated to the end of the Neolithic, the early Neolithic, & the late Paleolithic. Indo-European migration from c-4000 to 1000 B.C.E. Bronze age, it is speculated that the Porto-indo-Iranians began their expansion from ca-2000 B.C.E, the Indo-Aryan migration is that they reached Assyria in the west & Punjab in the east by Ca-1500 B.C.E. Early Iron Age migration is about the period of the twelfth to ninth centuries B.C.E, but there were significance Population movements throughout Anatolia & the Iranian plateau. Industrialization era, while the peace of migration had accelerated since the eighteenth century (including the involuntary slave trade), it would increase further in the nineteenth century. Manning distinguished three types of migration like Labor migration, refugee migration & lastly urbanization. Millions of agricultural workers left the countryside & moved to the cities causing unprecedented levels of urbanization. These Phenomena began in British in the late Eighteenth Century & spread around the world, continuing to this day in many areas. Industrialization encouraged Migration whenever it spread, it spread period of 1820. Between 1846 and 1940, mass migration occurred worldwide. The twentieth century also experienced an increase in migratory flows caused by industrialization. Industrialization plays an important role in the economic prosperity and growth of a nation. In any economy, there are mainly two fields, agriculture & industry in which it can specialize. In the olden days, it was a misconception that one must choose between agriculture & industry. Industrialized nations have high gross domestic products, their per capita income is comparably higher than agriculture-based countries. The whole outlook of a nation modernizes because of industrialization. People acquire Jobs in urban centers with decent pay scales & availability of consumer goods in cheap & easy due to local productions. The population moved for search a job in the industrial area. They try to get a job for reducing their poverty. They stay this local society in long time (year to year) & they shared his idea, culture, view, etc. in the local area. They create a different environment, and social culture, increase the density of population, increase production, and per capita income, creates various social barriers & various effect on society, etc in which is a result of migration for industrialization.

The rationale of the Study

The current era is an industrialized era. We cannot continue our life without industry & industrial production. Industrialized nations are the richest in the world like America, China. China transformed from an agricultural economy to an industrialized nation. Now they have surprised the economy of Japan & considered the second-best economy of the world after America. India is trying to spread up the process of industrializing their economy

Bangladesh going to enter in the industrialized era and human migration is mainly related to industrialization in Bangladesh. This migration is domestic migration where people moved from one place to another for searching working place or job. These migrants stay in local society in a long time & share their culture in an industrial area. As a result, many social phenomena are faced various challenges in various ways. That is why, human migration of industrialization is very important topic to study. Domestic migration means area to area or district to district migration which drives for industrialization like Bangladesh. This migrated people to play a vital role in society. So we can say that in the globalized era. This study will be open a new door for identifying the effects of migration on society as a result of industrialization.

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The objective of the Study

The early years of industrialization witnessed the replacement of small-scale craft productions with large-scale factories. However, industries that depend on labor or worker who come from other districts & various product lines, such as most of the fashionable clothes produce by hand. The introduction of mass production techniques & robotic assembly has result from the industrial growth of component industries.

General Objective

The general objectives of the study are to identify the effects on society for industrial migration.

Specific Objectives

This study has been fulfilled the following specific objectives-

  • To know the economic and social conditions of migrated people.
  • To know the cultural condition of the industrial area.

The hypothesis of the study

On the basis of my study below hypothesis may be tested-

  •  Positive effect on economic development.
  •  Increase of monogamous family & loss of family bonding.
  •  To increase the housing problem & create slums.
  •  Decrease of agricultural land & production.
  •  Increase of life expenditure.

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