Electricity As Part Of Life And The Ways To Get It

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Now a day, electricity became an essential part of living. Electricity is taking over the world. Technology and civilization are based on electricity, and the world is using many ways to generate electricity and looking forward for new ways of generating it.

Electricity is basically everything around us, and it can be classified under the basic parts of nature and the wide uses of energy. Electromagnet and Hydroelectricity are the most common methods of generating electricity. Electromagnet is a form of generating electricity, basically it is a converter, where electricity can be generated by moving an electric conductor. Hydroelectricity is a common method for generating electricity, it would be generated when stored water as lake or reservoir or high dam, this stored water is found in high places and so they have gravitational potential energy, and when they fall down potential energy is converted to kinetic energy, and this Kinetic energy rotates water turbine to generate electricity.

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Nowadays, new ways of generating electricity have been developed. As an example, Tidal energy, which is the generation of electricity using tidal power. Photovoltaic Panels that convert sunlight directly into electricity, unlike solar heat concentrators, they are mostly found in rural areas. Hydro-power generation is another alternative to generate electricity by extracting energy from moving water. Solar and it is generated by obtaining sunlight ad heat; it is very common in our daily lives, and one of the biggest examples is King’s Academy, as they have planted solar panels all over the school, in order to generate electricity with lower costs. Solar panels solved many of the society’s problems regarding the generation of electricity and the high costs of electricity. Moreover, wind has played a very significant role in generating electricity. Wind is used by transforming into electric energy using wind turbines, which are large turbines placed in windy regions, in the shape of a windmill.

Today, electricity has become an intrinsic part of our day to day lives. Our houses, factories, and even cars all depend on electricity. Cars today are manufactured to run on electricity instead of fuel, which has made it more affordable and generally more environmentally friendly. An electric car does not pump out harmful emissions that pollute the air and affect human beings; so electric cars do not pollute air as much which is a step forward towards a healthier planet.

People today started generating electricity in their homes as they are cost effective. There are different ways for generating electricity at our houses, as Small wind turbines, Solar panels, and geothermal energy. Wind turbines for homes are small and have a capacity between two to ten Kilowatts. As for the solar panel, you would install panels somewhere outside your house, and with sunlight you can generate your own electricity. Geothermal energy is also used for heating, it is a heat exchanger absorbing it from the surface, even in winter the sun would give a good amount of heat to the surface. Geothermal is installed by planting some pipes that pumps cold water into the ground and then its heated and heats your house. (Allianz, 2010)

Electricity is also transmitted to houses through transmission lines and they are often seen in the street on either steel or wooden poles. These transmitters often transmit electricity with high voltage and over long distances. (November 2018). But, these transmitters have many issues, and are easily broken, as by wind, storms, or any external circumstances. So, people started generating their own electricity in their houses to avoid any issues that may lead to a cut in the electricity in their houses, or even to avoid paying high bills.

Electricity is a secondary source as it is produced by a primary source, as fossil fuels (coal, gas, and solar energy). Electricity is not a renewable nor a non-renewable source, as the primary sources. Generating electricity through fossil fuels is the most common way, as they form electricity just by burning these fossil fuels, and this way is seen to be the most common and easy way to generate electricity. (Farzad Siganporia, 2012)

Now a day, Electricity is becoming more cost-effective today. Electricity is found everywhere, and that is due to the new and cost-effective ways of generating it. The world today largely depends on electricity, Education, transportation, and everything around us depends on electricity. So, different cost-effective ways of generating electricity is now being developed and worked upon to help the world and to have a better life.

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