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How far from a dystopian society is Australia? Could you imagine living in a society where you are controlled by someone else, and you’re not yourself? This argument will discuss how close we are headed towards a dystopian society. This essay will explain what a “dystopia” is and how Australia is turning towards a dystopian face. We will explore how and where we’re being led into doing as the government rules. We will go through many examples of where Australia has fallen into a dystopian society’s features and where the government is controlling its citizens. I will explain why I believe that Australia is headed to a dystopian society.

A dystopian society. A state or a society where there is suffering and injustice {3}. A dystopian society is somewhere that is trying to imitate a ‘Perfect’ community. Somewhere that is ruled and controlled by the government/leaders of the country. This kind of community has no control over what they do, they must follow as they are instructed. Although this community is trying to imitate ‘perfect’ it is in absolutely no way perfect. It is the complete opposite. People who are living in this sort of environment may think that it is normal, but it is not. This kind of society is torture, being controlled by others and not being able to think for yourself. As in the film “Divergent” {2} people can be murdered for being different and not acting as they are ‘supposed to’. In the short films about ‘Auto Dale’ {7} the citizens are taught to be ‘pretty’ at quite a young age. Pretty means you are not different, you follow the ‘rules’, and you are ‘perfect’.

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An example where Australia’s citizens are being controlled by their Government is the ‘internet filter’ {6}. The internet filter is something that Governments use to go through OUR messages, posts, search history, everything! They claim it is to protect ‘young children’ online from dangerous people and things. Is it only for that reason? Or are we being taken advantage of by the very people we are supposed to trust? Why are ‘young children’ on the internet without being monitored anyway? This is just a coverup for something way bigger than what we are being exposed to. Something that has been going around for quite a while now is our devices ‘listening’ to us {1} There have been many situations where our devices have been tested to see if they’re listening to us, well, what do you know? Just hours after talking about something specific, our devices have picked up on our ‘interests’ and happen to start showing ads that relate to the topic. So, is this ‘internet filter’ only here to protect small children, or is it just here for a whole marketing scam? The internet filter reads every word and views every message and image we place out there on the internet, meaning everything you put out there is NOT private! {5} This is a point where we are being lied to by our government and being manipulated and tricked into buying things.

Another example as to how our government is turning our country, Australia, into a dystopian society is; Online and television advertisements {6}. Australian governments are pushing to get rid of all junk food ads. Now, as little as this may sound, we citizens get no say in whether these ads are removed or not. This is wrong! As citizens of Australia, we should get a say in what we watch on television. We should be allowed to decide for ourselves and be in control of what we do with our lives, not be taken advantage of by our government. Again, in {6} we STILL have our right to decide what we see and buy taken away from us! Our government is deciding for us, what they think is ‘right’ for us by removing all labels, writing, and images from cigarette boxes. The government believes that people are buying cigarettes because of the designs and images on the boxes. This is quite obviously false! People buy cigarettes because of the nicotine addiction not because the boxes look ‘pretty’ {4}. This is just another example of our Australian governments making up excuses to do whatever they want with us citizens without us getting any say at all.

To conclude, does Australia have a dystopian future? Yes. Australia does have a dystopian future. After all this evidence and drama we can see that Australia has headed in a dystopian path. I believe this because, in the proof I have, we can see that the Australian government is just trying to take control of its citizens, slowly but surely. 

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