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Essay on Miss Caroline in 'To Kill a Mockingbird'

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Is Tom Robinson Guilty or are the accusations against him false? At the beginning of To Kill A Mockingbird, there are a few main characters, they are Scout who is the narrator of the story and the daughter of Atticus. Atticus is the adopted father of Scout and Jem. Jem is Scout's brother and she excludes herself from the group part of the time. In the book, Atticus is defending an African American man for supposedly raping a woman but there is proof that it couldn't have physically been him who did it. While there is drama in the town the kids find ways to make fun of it by playing games with their friend that comes during the summer the game they play most is called the Radley game where they would play as a family member of the Radleys and reenact events that have gotten the word spread around.

When Atticus finds out about the Radley game the kids have been playing he tells them to stop and says “People need to crawl inside other people’s skin and see things from their

point of view”. He said this because the kids would disrespect the Radley family by making fun of the personal issues and spreading the word even if they didn't mean to. They were also invading the family personally because to play the game they would need to know what's going on internally in the family. Atticus says this because he is all about respect and needs to teach his kids to have the same traits.

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Another example of this is when in chapter two Miss Caroline tries to give Walter some money and he refuses it. Scout then tries to say that “Walter is a Cunningham”. Scout means that in a disrespectful way even though she may not notice it because she is stereotyping the Cunningham family, it makes a bad impression on Miss Caroline especially since she doesn't know the Cunninghams' background. And tells Scout to stay out of others' conversations. The situation makes both Scout and Miss Caroline forget to consider things from the other person's perspective since they have not been in the other person's shoes for a day.

Finally, Her Teacher also makes many mistakes by misjudging people such as at the beginning when Miss Caroline, repeatedly misunderstands her good intentions and punishes her: first for being an exceptional reader. also at the end of the day, the final incident occurs when Burris Ewell gets scolded by Miss Caroline for coming to school unbathed, which results in Burris being abusive towards the woman. Later on, scout takes the words Atticus said and thought before she would say or do something that may affect the other person. Such as in chapter 7 when Scout Didn't bother Jem after he returned from the Radley yard. She thought from his point of view and sympathized with him for the stressful situation that happened.

With this advice that Atticus said to them suggests that Scout be more empathetic and compassionate to those around her and that she should give others the benefit of the doubt instead of thinking people are weird or bad because they are different form her. This also helps her forgive herself for what she was blamed for at school one day. She realized Miss Caroline is a newer teacher inexperienced with the people of Maycomb. Scout also realizes that she may not take out her opinion on any other child who is not just like her.

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