Essay on Obama Care Pros and Cons

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What is Obama care?

Ok, now we are on Obama healthcare so almost everyone living in the United States has heard of something called Obama healthcare. But not everyone has a clear understanding of what Obama care is and what it does for families that are living in the United States. Most people probably only know Obama care as “The Affordable Care Act” that is put into act specifically focusing on reforming the “National Healthcare System”. But as most people like me before writing this I knew it as Obama care it was signed on the date March 23, 2017, by Barack Obama himself. Obama, a goal he wanted to accomplish was to reduce the amount of money an average US citizen family was paying that required everyone to have health insurance or to pay a tax penalty.

Obamacare Taxes Penalties.

The “Affordable Care Act” (ACA) was designed for people without health insurance. In the year 2017, “The TrumpCare” passed a tax bill canceling the individual demand. The separate demand was a part of Obama Care healthcare better and improved, which required most people to have health insurance or if not they will face a file. I believe this isn’t really if you’re at or alarm because it’s like you have to pay crew either way whether if you’re not paying potential it or if you’re paying for it. This act stayed in effect so the year 2018 which was last year so that forced people to be covered with some kind of health insurance unless they wanted to be charged a large fine. For people in a lower amount of income, may qualify for “Obama care subsidies”, and these plans were made to make insurance cheaper and affordable for families living in the U.S who couldn’t afford expensive health insurance.

Obamacare Healthcare Pro.

Most Americans can now have affordable healthcare now. (20 million citizens can get health insurance coverage, and most of these people that have health insurance are young adults.)

Makes healthcare care more affordable for people who have low income. (Now most healthcare companies are required to spend at least 80% of their income on improving medical care for their clients.)

Limitless care time. (Basically, people who have chronic diseases or conditions “ran out” of money to treat the conditions, because the insurance company gave their clients a set time limit on how much money they can spend on an individual).

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Lower drug cost. (Obamacare promised people to make prescription drugs cheaper and affordable for patients, but mostly for senior citizens who can't afford most of their medication. This makes a lot of sense seeing that the older you get, you have a high risk of being exposed to certain sicknesses, diseases or conditions.)

More screenings are covered. (The Obama healthcare covers screening and preventive services. For example. Breast cancer screening and early treatments can help detect early signs to avoid any unnecessary costly and debilitating treatments. That also means less money is being used and can be used for something more important. )“The ACA is going to help all Americans have higher quality and less costly healthcare in the decades to come,” Dr.Christopher Lillis.

Obamacare Healthcare Con.

Increased premium cost. (Well since insurance companies are being forced to cover all the classes of the individual's pre-existing conditions and also provide a huge range of benefits, people are now being forced to pay higher or more for health insurance.)

Signing up can be tricky. (When Obama care was first launched it had numerous complications which made it difficult to sign up for. They fix the problem but people were still complaining that the process was way too long and the process was tricky. They then fixed the problem but people were still complaining that the process was way too long and complicated and signing up for the right plan was also tricky for them.)


So writing this essay made me an eye opener in life. Before writing the topic I didn't know what I wanted to write but I knew I wanted it to be about medicine since that's my dream job that I want to pursue. so I figured why not do healthcare since you don't know anything much about it, I love learning new things, especially things that interest me such as anything in the medical field. My dream job is to pursue a career in Surgical Tech or Nursing either one. So I kinda knew everything that I had to know about nursing and school and stuff but not healthcare. So digging up all this information was really interesting to me. I structure my essay as subtitles and ask questions then I answer them in about 1-2 paragraphs explaining and answering the question. I also felt like this is an eye opener because before this all I knew was healthcare was expensive and I never thought to look into it and ask why. But it can also help me when I turned 18 and I move out I will know the “dos and don'ts” when it comes to healthcare insurance. I know most schools don't teach you about things like this but it's up to us if we are willing and interested to go do our research and I'm glad I chose this topic.

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