Essay on Rhetorical Analysis of Ludwick Marishane's Ted Talk on Bath without Water

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Ludwick Marishane's TED Talk, titled "A Bath Without Water," is a powerful example of effective rhetoric aimed at highlighting the urgent need for innovation in water-scarce regions. Through a combination of persuasive techniques, engaging storytelling, and a clear call to action, Marishane successfully conveys his message to the audience.

Introduction and Establishing Credibility

Marishane begins his talk with a personal anecdote about a lazy summer day and a hot shower—a relatable experience for most listeners. This anecdote establishes his credibility as someone who understands the simple pleasures of life. By introducing his topic through a common experience, he immediately connects with his audience, making them more receptive to his ideas.

Ethos, Pathos, and Logos

Throughout his talk, Marishane balances his appeals to ethos, pathos, and logos to create a well-rounded persuasive argument. He establishes his ethos by sharing his journey as a young inventor who created a waterless bathing solution. This personal experience lends credibility to his expertise on the issue.

To evoke pathos, Marishane introduces the harsh reality of water scarcity in many parts of the world. He describes the struggles faced by people who lack access to clean water for basic hygiene. By appealing to the audience's emotions, he creates a sense of empathy and urgency to address this critical issue.

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Marishane's use of logos is evident in his data-driven approach. He presents statistics and facts about water consumption and scarcity, demonstrating a logical basis for his solution. By combining emotional appeals with logical reasoning, he strengthens his argument's persuasiveness.

Engaging Storytelling

Marishane's storytelling skills captivate the audience and help them envision the impact of his innovation. He vividly describes the moment he realized the potential of his waterless bathing solution, painting a picture of the impoverished areas he sought to help. This storytelling technique humanizes the issue and underscores the importance of his invention.

Visual Aids and Demonstrations

Throughout his talk, Marishane effectively uses visual aids and demonstrations to enhance his message. He displays images of water-scarce regions, juxtaposing them with his invention's potential impact. Additionally, he demonstrates the simplicity of his product, further convincing the audience of its practicality and potential for widespread use.

Call to Action

Marishane's rhetorical strategy culminates in a compelling call to action. He urges the audience to take responsibility and contribute to the cause. By highlighting the role each individual can play in addressing water scarcity, he empowers the audience and inspires them to be agents of change.


Ludwick Marishane's TED Talk on "A Bath Without Water" masterfully employs a variety of rhetorical techniques to persuade his audience of the importance of his innovation and the need for solutions to water scarcity. Through personal anecdotes, emotional appeals, logical reasoning, engaging storytelling, and a strong call to action, he effectively communicates his message. His talk not only raises awareness about a critical global issue but also demonstrates how impactful rhetoric can be in inspiring positive change.

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