Essay on Student Declaration of Independence

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When in the course of human rights and events collide, it becomes necessary for our people to diminish political bands which have affixed me and my peers to intolerable restrictions and to assume, among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which Laws of nature and of the nature´s God entitled them to decent respect to the opinions that mankind is obliged to declare these causes which impel them to become sovereign. we are not going to be so fooled and betrayed with a kiss of falsehood and tribulation. Is it not entirely obvious to expiate ourselves from the ties of maniacal and absurd autocracy? I stand for myself and also for the students of Porter High School, we will bind ourselves together and stand up with the hunger of thousands of students demanding change, for it is our bestowed right to stand up for what is righteous and prominently auspicious.

We the students of Porter High School hold these truths to be self-evident: That it is necessary to align our forces together to unify together as one in order to formulate a common stronghold, and that the united shall allow for the dissolution of afflicting regulations and pity stipulation imposed upon us by New Caney ISD and the tyrant King Harris. It is completely unjust to notify the fact that we are being used as slaves to run their bureaucracy of mundane proportions and irrational dogma. It is not our duty to indicate such tyranny for the greater good and benevolent cause?

Let it be renowned that we are entitled to certain rights as high school students, by way of explanation. We have the right to happiness, judiciousness, physical well-being, expression, and proper accommodations. We have been held in the domain of this school for an excessive proportion of our time. Itisunmandatory that we are obligated as rightful students to tolerate such compelling systemization is it not? We as students must and are entitled to these natural rights and are obliged to them, it is our civil duty to call to this herald of jubilation and emancipation.

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The reasoning for this righteous paradigm is that we demand an organized and beneficial system where students are not allowed to make their own independent decisions. Our grievances are by the thousands, But these are our mandatory reasons and speculations for why it is necessary to secede.

The school enforces excessive amounts of homework. The school has a set and rather dubious starting time that is extremely early. The school restricts the basic necessities in clothing and apparel. The school officials are very unreliable when enforcing well-established behavior from the undesirable. The school has a very ludicrous transportation system.

We have been patient and conformed to the norms of society for far too long, previously we tried to do the homework but it is too much, we tried packing on the busses, and finally, we tried conforming to the dress code but enough is enough.

We, therefore, represent the student body of Porter High School in this appeal of these absurd problems we as children and young Americans face each day. We will no longer be trifled with, for we are independent and capable of seizing our demands. We mutually pledge to each other, our lives, freedom, future, and our sacred education

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