Essay on Walmart Negative Facts.

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Mission and vision statements serve as guiding principles for organizations, outlining their purpose and goals. Walmart, one of the world's largest retailers, has a well-known mission and vision aimed at saving people money and improving lives. However, despite its positive reputation, Walmart has faced criticisms and controversies that shed light on negative aspects of its operations.

Labor Practices

Walmart has been criticized for its labor practices, including low wages, insufficient benefits, and poor working conditions for its employees. Reports have highlighted instances of wage theft, discrimination, and violations of labor laws, leading to numerous lawsuits and protests against the company.

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Impact on Small Businesses

The expansion of Walmart into various communities has had detrimental effects on small businesses. The company's aggressive pricing strategies and large-scale operations often undercut local competitors, forcing many small businesses to close down. This has resulted in the loss of jobs and economic instability in affected areas.

Environmental Concerns

Walmart has faced scrutiny for its environmental practices, including issues related to sustainability, waste management, and carbon emissions. Despite initiatives to improve its environmental footprint, the company has been criticized for not doing enough to address these concerns and for prioritizing profit over environmental responsibility.

Ethical Concerns

Walmart has been accused of unethical behavior in its supply chain, including exploitation of workers in developing countries, child labor, and violation of human rights. Additionally, the company has faced allegations of bribery and corruption in its international operations, tarnishing its reputation and raising ethical concerns.

Impact on Local Communities

The presence of Walmart stores in local communities has raised concerns about their impact on the social fabric and cultural identity of neighborhoods. Critics argue that Walmart's dominance in the retail market leads to homogenization of communities, loss of local businesses, and decreased diversity of products and services.


In conclusion, while Walmart's mission and vision statements emphasize positive values and goals, the company has been associated with various negative facts and controversies. From labor practices to environmental concerns and ethical issues, Walmart has faced criticism for its impact on employees, small businesses, the environment, and local communities. It is essential for Walmart to address these challenges and strive towards more sustainable and ethical practices to uphold its reputation and fulfill its mission of improving lives.

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