Evaluation Essay on Niagara Falls

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Niagara Falls is a famous tourist sight located on the border of Canada and the United States.

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The absolute location of Niagara Falls is 43.0896° N, 79.0849° W. Part of Niagara Falls belongs to Canada, and the other belongs to the United States. Due to the nature of the city, the population is divided into two parts. The Ontario part of Niagara Falls has a population of around 88 thousand, and the New York part of Niagara Falls has a population of 48 thousand. Throughout history, the climate of Niagara Falls has barely changed. Low temperature all year long. The highest temperature reached in the summer is only around 25 degrees Celsius and falls to as low as -8 degrees in the winter (NiagaraFallsInfo.com, 2019). Niagara Falls rest right next to the Niagara River and the waterfall of Niagara Falls is connected by Lake Erie and Lake Ontario.

In the summer, a ferry service can take people to the middle of Niagara Falls and experience the waterfall closely. Tourists often travel by bus or shuttle services provided by companies such as Grey Hound Bus. Local residents of Niagara Falls usually travel on foot, by bicycle, motor vehicle, and public transport such as buses. It is a small town, only 209 kilometers squared. The main source of its economic income is tourism. Religions of Niagara Fall residents vary from Christianity, Jewish, Muslim, and so on. The most significant is Christianity. The largest ethnic group in Niagara Falls is Whites, according to the research done by Statistical Atlas (2018), the city of Niagara Falls is made up of a 68.2% white population. Niagara Falls has become an industrialized region due to its modernization and urbanized city center. On the side of human-environmental actions, Niagara Falls are heavily polluted. The amount of chemical waste dumped into Niagara River, according to Canadian officials, was close to 9000 pounds. Most of the toxic pollution comes from the shutdown of industrial factories.

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