Evil Hidden in Corruption: Essay

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The world today has a lot of many contemporary issues. Every contemporary issue is a widespread issue around. One of them is corruption. Corruption is something unworthy of one person’s way to gain power. It is one of the worst ways to gain power. It involves many types of stealing money. This is mostly done by the rich people for gaining more wealth than how wealthy they are already. Corruption is always illegal for many reasons.

For some people, corruption is the way to gain money through illegal means. And by means, they do what they can do, no matter how illegal, to gain more power. It is present a lot in the government. This is because of how high the position some politicians are. Due to the high level, they would use it as means to gain power and wealth more through illegal ways. This would range from graft to bribery to overpricing and more. This is a way they abuse their own power by going taking risks in doing illegal things to get power. This would only end the positions for most of the people.

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Many negative effects happen to a lot of people due to corruption. The corrupt politicians would lose their position for abusing their power just because of corruption. A country’s growth and development would be hampered because of this. Gaining power and wealth for selfish deeds would contribute to the regressing of the economy. As much as the government provide laws on corruption, it is still happening to today. The people’s respect and trust in the government is lost all because of corruption. Only because of the issue, many conflicts between people will only increase more.

Conflicts between people include one being against the other. People will not be able to compromise with one another for their sides on the government. By conflicts, it means that corruption will also increase in its citizens. Poverty also increases due to the some of the politicians’ selfish deeds. People will be negative affected in their work and life for their economy. A supposed income meant for the people’s needs and for the country’s development will only have a loss due to corruption. Certainly, a lot would never benefit from such acts done by some politicians. A lot would lose hope in their country for the prevalence of the issue.

Luckily enough, laws against corruption are enforced. Although not able to persuade some, they were still enforced for the awareness of many in preventing corruption. For example, in the Philippines, many laws include the 1987 Constitution Article XI and the RA 3019: The Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act of 1960. The two government agencies of the Sandiganbayan and the Ombudsman also contribute on the plan to lessen corruption. Thankfully, these solutions still continue to today in helping to prevent the issue. As an issue, everyone must be aware of what is happening and what will happen if the people continue to do use corruption. Corruption must also have awareness for the politicians for the government is what the people trust in leading the country. In the end, corruption will always be illegal in gaining power.

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