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Fairness Essays

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Peculiarities Of Fairness In BBR

In this section, we would be reviewing about 6 papers published by academia each trying to find the root cause of unfairness in BBR by either experimental or theoretical studies. And, in the end, we would be analyzing one of google’s update identifying the root cause and a proposal for a refined BBR version development. M. Hock et al. published a paper in 2017 [2], which pointed out that the BBR protocol would be suitable for single flows rather than...
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How Does Justice And Fairness Form The Way People Live?

People deserve justice and fairness, no matter where they come from or the color of their skin. The term justice means the quality of righteousness and to uphold the fairness of a cause. There has been crime passed on which still takes place now, lives have been lost and people have been injured and still haven’t received justice. Justice is supposed to bring a rational point to laws that are above our control. Fairness and justice can bring people to...
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Social Acceptance Is Directly Proportional To Fairness

Introduction “Being Fair” is a new trend. All the girls having dark or dull skin complexion want to have fair skin tone. The concept is that “dark skin is associated with labor and field work in the sun. white skin has colonial notion of power and superiority”. (Shankar and Subish, 2017). Earlier, this differentiation between dark and fair women was done mostly in US, but then this concept started spreading in the world. It is considered that the “light skin...
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Safety And Fairness

Introduction The occupational health and safety is a multidisciplinary field which is concerned with the health safety and welfare of the people at the workplace. The goals of the occupational safety and the health programs is providing a safe and healthy workplace. The OSH protect the workers, employers, the family members, customers and many other who ate affected by the environment of the workplace. The occupational health deals with the different aspects of health and safety in the workplace. Those...
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Fairness In Anomaly Detection

Introduction Fairness in ML Algorithmic decision making is becoming part of our life. Every predictive model decide on basis of data provided i.e., on which it is trained. So we train our model on huge amount of data which has improved accuracy to a very good and in some case better than even humans. As decision making relies heavily on data so if data is unfair to any group than the model output will also be giving output which will...
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What Is Fair And Fairness?

Fairness. How abstract. Can it really be defined or is based on individual desires? The Oxford dictionary describes fair as ‘Treating people equally without favouritism or discrimination’ but historically, the concept of equality itself has been twisted out of spite. Equality should not even be a concept but rather a natural occurrence. From an anthropological point of view, this social disparity is largely based on race. After centuries of discrimination towards people of colour and favoritism towards the white race,...
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