Forensic Science: Purpose, Benefits And Issues

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Forensic science is any sort of science utilized in the legitimate or equity framework to help and maintain the law. Forensic science is acquired from the Latin term forensis which means public discussion or debate. Forensic science is the implication of science, and the scientific method to the judicial system. At the point when wrongdoing has been submitted and proof is gathered at the scene, researchers break it down, show up at logical outcomes and give master court declarations about their discoveries. Forensic science focuses on realities that demonstrate something did or didn't occur in a lawbreaker or common case.


The dismissal of the innocent, around 80 cases have been overturned because of the DNA evidence. Forensics has been expenitionly developing and becoming better. The use of forensics has helped a lot of people that were wrongfully accused of a crime, giving the people their freedom back. Forensics can also be used to help identify the victim that has been in a crime or a disaster. Using the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) to swiftly make millions to billions of copies of the sample DNA, that is large enough to study in detail. So either the criminal can be convicted of the crime or the victim can be identified. The DNA can also be used in natural disasters as a means to determine the victims if they can not be identified. In one case, Ted Bundy was convicted of murder, of 12 year old Kimberly Leach. Fibres of the girl’s clothing was found in the back of his van. I believe that forensic science is beneficial because it has helped innocent people that were convicted to be set free. It has also helped the police force with finding and arresting criminals.

Science involved in forensic technology

Due to the rapid enhancements in technology, solving crimes has become a lot simpler. During the forensic science process , scientific gear is utilized to process samples and evidence to solve crimes. Measurements include fingerprinting or DNA identification, analysing chemicals or drugs, analysing evidence and dealing with bodily fluids. There are many methods in forensics, these include: Phenom desktop SEM which is a rapid and high quality imaging tool that is reliable. This allows crime labs to examine for gunshot residue fragments. Facial reconstruction is an approach used in the forensic field when a body is unable to be analyzed. Artistry, anthropology, osteology and anatomy are all used to recreate the face of the individual from the skeletal remains. DNA sequencing helps identify both criminals and victims, by using skin or hair. Admittedly DNA evidence alone can’t get you convicted but it plays a crucial part. DNA sequencing also allows forensic scientists to arrange short tandem repeat markers (STR), likely resulting in an increased capability to differentiate individuals.

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Issues relating to forensic science


Firstly before you can say what is ethical and what is not, you have to first have a universal definition. The reason is because one person's beliefs, morals, ethics and culture can be different meaning that they might see something as acceptable and another person might not. Issues such as juvenile incarcerations, mental capability of the accused to stand trial, discrimination and confidentiality. To ensure that you comply to the highest standards of ethical practice the following steps have to be made, identify the problem; consider the significance of the context and setting; identify and use ethics and legal resources; consider personal beliefs and values; develop possible solutions to the problem; consider the potential consequences of various solutions; choose and implement a course of action; and assess the outcome and implement changes as needed.


Forensic science has been intensely affected socially, this has appeared through the incalculable time's convictions have been founded on forensic evidence, more appointed authorities, juries and legal counselors put confidence into criminological science. This has influenced web based life by placing a great deal of trust in scientists.


In conclusion, forensic science like all things has its pros and cons. In some cases it is crucial and helpful in identifying people that could solve the case but it could also go against someone's beliefs, ethics, morals and values but I believe that can really help solve a crime.

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