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Goal Setting and Time Management: Informative Essay

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Goal setting involves formulating action layout designed to motivate people to obtain their goals. It can be guided through aim putting standards such as SMART standards. Goal setting is necessary on private improvement. Setting goals helps a person initiate a new behavior. Goals also help one to align their focal point and promote a sense of self mastery. Goals can be short-term or long-term. Short-term goals are goals which can happen quickly, for example, earn a new degree, while long-term goals are goals that need effort and take a longer time to achieve, for example, wanting to achieve or pass your matric.

Time management is a system that organizes and plans how to divide the time between different activities. Time management can help one to manage stress as everything they do is going to be scheduled. When time is managed effectively, it is easy for a person to meet deadlines and to be productive and focused.

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What is the relationship between time management and goal setting? First, one cannot manage time without any goals, so time management goes hand in hand with setting goals. As a person you have aims that you want to achieve, but they all need you to manage your time carefully. For example, if I work as an HR manager, I will have to manage my time. The goal is to make sure that everything on my schedule is done very well and through proper time management that is simple, but if I do not manage time, it means that I will work under pressure, and I won't be productive. Failing to be productive as a worker is stressing because I will work under pressure.

Second, without goals people will not be motivated to do things. Time management is a skill that is hard to train, especially when one has no aims. A productive person sets priorities and manage their time. When one understands the importance of time management and goal setting, they will be able to know when it's time to rest and when it's time to study or work. Time management and goal setting are inter-connected as for one to achieve their goals they need to make time and work on them, time must be managed. When time is managed effectively one can find it easy to meet deadlines and achieve goals, and can make decisions more efficiently.

As a student it is significant for me to have goals and to be able to manage time properly to be productive. I will apply goal setting by taking into consideration what I want to achieve and then be committed to achieving it. I will plan steps that I will follow to be on track with my goal and consider making mistakes as they are highlighted to be the process of learning lessons in life. As an individual I find writing down very important and gives value to something, so I will write down all my goals and set my own schedule on how to pursue each goal step by step. My course is a four-year course, and I am willing to only spend four years in varsity, this happens to be my long-term goal. Through proper time management skills, I will be able to achieve both my short-term and long-term goals. I will manage my time very well by considering the most important things first, things like my studying and prayer sections. Knowing your priorities is the basic of proper time management. I have a study timetable scheduled for my course and it helps me to have time for all my modules. In between my timetable there are times for resting where I will be exercising, taking walks to the mall, and visiting friends. Things like social media platforms can be destructive, so I will turn off my phone during the time for studying and church and the turn it on back when I am done.

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