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Today is 2022, anyone living in a big city knows that graffiti is becoming more and more popular. For example, in downtown Melbourne, there are graffiti walls. But when it comes to graffiti themes, most of us will easily agree that this is a brand new art. However, the focus of the debate is usually whether the art of graffiti is legal. Some people think it is vandalism, others think it is a crime. Most people think that graffiti is a way for artists to express their emotions, which can attract the attention of contemporary people and be used by the public. A common objection is that graffiti is not art because it is vandalism and criminal behavior. Although this is indeed vandalism and criminality, these facts seem to have nothing to do with their artistic status. The mere fact that something is considered illegal or classified as vandalism does not seem to be enough to make something fall into the realm of art.

Artists view art as a form of self-expression. Art can show the artist's feelings and also bring emotions to the audience. Usually, people regard art as a picture and use it as decoration, but there are many different ways to explain the beauty of art. Artists use different techniques to express their feelings. In painting, the most expressive form is color. Dark colors are used to express depression, sadness, depression, and more negative emotions. On the contrary, bright colors show joy, softness, joy, and a more positive feeling. Bridget Riley’s point of view is: “Finally, all paintings are about the relationship between color, shape, and line, whether abstract or figurative.” This relationship is positive because People may not know that graffiti can make artists express themselves in an unconventional way.

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In 2011, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford launched the 'Graffiti Elimination Operation' to end all vandalism in Toronto. Ford believes that graffiti can damage the health, safety, and security of the community. Ford said: 'This is not art, it's garbage, it's graffiti, it's bullshit.' In other words, Ford thinks that graffiti is not art. Ford disagrees that graffiti is considered art. Art is defined as the expression or application of human creativity and imagination. Graffiti is art. Most people agree that graffiti is an art. Artists can express their feelings, inspire young people today, and apply them to the public. Even if the strictest graffiti laws are implemented, it does not matter, because compared with the past, there are actually many graffiti arts performing today. It is increasingly accepted by people and is often used in popular culture. Some cities even provide legal barriers to encourage people to use them. This is an art that has nothing to do with legitimacy. Now, there are more and more topics about art. The more encouragement, the stronger the legitimacy. This is what society fears. If encouraged, its legitimacy will be higher. However, graffiti is always illegal because it is a part of the culture. Without illegal transactions, the Blazers will never develop it into the precious art that has become today. It has also become a part of culture because since society has refused to give graffiti artists prestige, they have tried to gain prestige among their peers by 'standing up. If graffiti is fully accepted by society, then artists will get up through their skills in galleries instead of having the most tags in the city.

The carefully crafted graffiti works are creative, colorful, and rare. It turned boring buildings and plain walls into masterpieces, attracting the attention of others. Usually, this is positive because graffiti attracts tourists to visit the tried and tested masterpieces, indicating that this is not a crime. For example, Toronto's 'Graffiti Street' is an alley about 1 km long, with graffiti art from head to toe. It attracted countless famous Toronto graffiti artists to create this masterpiece, and now the public can enjoy the painting for free. For example, in Melbourne, there are many graffiti walls, some of which have become famous places, and many tourists from all over the world come here to visit. Graffiti on the street has poured into high-end galleries. The Museum of Contemporary Art “organized an exhibition celebrating graffiti on subways and buses, which proved to be a very successful exhibition.” Although graffiti is still illegal, the work of graffiti artists is still commendable.

In short, graffiti is an art, because artists can express their feelings through art, which can inspire this generation of young people to use this new modern form, and the public can also use it. The museum expressed interest in graffiti exhibits throughout the city. If more people begin to accept that graffiti is an art rather than an act of destroying public property, then it may become a way to change a boring city and make it prosperous. This allows graffiti artists to be compared with the greatest artists in the world. A sentence from Raymond Harmon concludes: Art is an evolution.

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