Harmony And Balance In Architecture

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People’s lives are getting stressful nowadays, home should be a place of peace so that people can relax after being in a stressful work environment. Architecture plays an important role in providing harmony and calmness to people, especially in residential architecture.

The concept of harmony in architecture can vary widely. An individual who concerns about architecture, or individual who knows nothing about architecture, we all can view and feel the building and architecture in different ways and perspectives. Although the perspectives and the aesthetic standards might not be the same, all of us can view and feel the harmony and calmness of the space from different perceptions. Pleasure we can get in the space not only depends on the people who experienced the space, but it always depends on the designs and elements of the space. The comfort human body in space created from many aspects such as visual, sound, temperature and sometimes, the combination of these.

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This study is trying to ascertain how different architectural considerations, elements can combine to create a harmonious and balanced design. Besides, I would consider how balance and harmony impacts upon people’s perception of architecture. As architect we can learn a lot from analyzing proportion, size and scale of key case studies. Contrasting and comparing diametrically different case studies in terms of language and grammar might facilitate a greater understanding of key underlying principles of comfort and harmony. I would investigate the writings of architects and phenomenologists on experiencing and feeling ‘space’ through learning about the design work of John Pawson and Luis Barragan. Viewing documentaries on the work of John Pawson and Luis Barragan will be made to considerate of how the senses impact upon our perception of harmony and balance. Besides, I would compare and investigate these two dwellings which achieved harmony and balance in different ways with forensic drawing and analysis.

Harmony and balance in architecture is such an important factor to consider in our design process. Through these studies and analysis, I would be able to use these as a basic reference to achieve harmony and balance in designing a home. Having this kind of foundation of harmony in mind would be very helpful for us when creating a space, we can easily achieve harmony by adapting these application of elements. Besides, we could use these as a reference so that we can develop our own style and attain harmony at the same time.

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