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How Islamic Religion Contributed To Understanding Behavior And Mental Processes

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The existence of religions around the world helps understand why people of a certain faith behave in a certain way as compared to others. This includes their practices, based on their beliefs systems and bearing in mind that, despite the principle remaining the same, these practices change with time affecting behavior and mental process. Moreover, all religions have different sects of people practicing the religion differently based on their respective interpretations.

The ideology of Faith is such that religion at some point will always make one ask questions, make certain decisions and act in a certain way because that is what one is taught to believe is the right way. In Islam there are certain behaviors and mental processes that are followed due to what Muslims learn from the Quran, Hadiths and teachings from the Prophet (PBUH). Islam is a total way of life that encompasses not just the spiritual aspects that deals with nourishing the soul such as prayer, pilgrimage and charity, but also daily activities like what we eat and drink. These attributes in the Islamic religion that contribute to understanding behavior and mental processes both to the Muslims and non - Muslims include:

Learning /Reading the Quran

Through the Qur'an is the holy book that contains the word of God. The Quran contains verses that helps shape and guide Muslims through life situations and helps answer some specific questions. Through the Qur'an Muslims behaviors are shaped morally and principally. In the Quran is whereby Islam's bring in the aspect of reward for good deeds and strictness on sins committed. Such teachings helps keep most people aligned and having good morals.From the Quran is where the Muslims learn how to handle the Quran itself: ''This is indeed a Holy Quran, in a book well-guarded, which none shall touch but those who are clean.. '' (56:77-79)

Christian are therefore able to understand why Muslims have specific ways of handling the Quran (nothing placed on top of it, closed and stored in a clean, respectable place, it should not be placed on the floor, it should not be in a bathroom) which may be different from how Christians handle the Bible.

Attending Madrasa classes

It refers to a traditional firm of school where Muslims are taught Islamic teachings consisting of a variety of Islamic subjects.

Islamic Religion is based on kindness and empathy and therefore when the child is brought up, these teachings and practices are inculcated to him. The children start going for Madrasa classes at an early age where the children are taught Islamic teachings that they memorize from the Quran. This builds them and establishes their morals where the child learns a new language and teachings thus their cognitive mind develops which is an importance of learning them from a younger age enabling them to grow with these virtues and values and not forget them.


In the Quran Allah commands the Prophet to address women : 'Say to the believing women that ; they should cast down thir glances and guard their private parts (by being chaste)...'

Modesty to the Islam meant showing everything apart from face, hands, wrist and feet as guildlines found in the text of Hadiths and fich developed after the introduction of Quran. Although with time things have changed as there are arguments on the hijab not being mentioned in the Quran and exactly what was meant by women covering themselves.

The veil was meant to be used as acover up for women as a way of curbing male sexual desires. The female hair was considered a private thing in a woman's body and this was not to be seen by unrelated men

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This therefore has made non - Muslims who may not understand the Quran;end up judging Muslims who are not putting on the hijab or not all covered up as sinners and not following the Islamic teachings.

Interactions between Men and women

The way Muslim men and women are required to interact with each other from the Quran influence how they behave. The law of Islam (Shari'ah) prohibits exposure of women to men, intermingling of both sexes and crowding of both men and women. The acts are prohibited as they are the causes of temptation and therefore leaing to negative or evil consequences. The men and women are also not to look at one another with seual desires

If the men and women are able to stay and pray in separate places from the men in a mosque then it is also possible for them to not intermingle in other places.

Such different Islamic practices may not be understood by other people but instead may feel like probably a Muslim lady is arrogant if they don't hug or greet a male whose not Muslim. But all they are doing is following their practices that have been instiled in them since childhood. Muslims therefore show respect to Allah by not looking at the opposite sex and maintaining self restraint as written in the books.


Muslims tak their prayers seriously and when oe misses a prayer, it is considered lapse in faith and one is required to make up for a prayer kissed as soon as possible. Therefore it becomes a normal behavior for Muslims from a young age to pray first time a day as it reminds them of God's faithfulness and the many opportunities to seek His forgiveness and guidance.

Through prayer therefore, they are able to get comfort and strength as they get spiritual nourishment when communicating and after communicating with God.

Attitude towards animals

Muslims consider Dogs as impure and not clean creatures. This may therefore influence how they interact with them and how they treat them. Someone who is not a Muslim may take it negatively if they do not understand their religion. If a Muslim is evn sniffed by a dog, they are supposed to wash themselves seven times to make themselves clean again. ''And the pig, because it has a cloven hoof that is completely split, but will not regurgitate its cud:it is unclean for you. You shlak not eat of their flesh and you shall not touch their carcasses, they are unclean for you ''

Therefore for Muslims,the restriction of pork is not out of lifestyle but a command from Allah which is considered an act of worship if obeyed. Pork consumption is inked to numerous health problems due pigs considered to be carrying toxins.

Muslims are taught the art of kindness which trickles down to sharing. They share meals together which creates a sense of belonging to someone and their bond is generated and becomes more stronger. This helps one to be psychologically healthy and consider it a normal things to eat together.

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