Should Sports Stars Be Accountable For Their Behaviour?

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How many times have adults told you to be accountable for your behaviour? I think that the we need to tell sports stars that they should be accountable for their behaviour. I strongly believe that sports stars should be accountable for their behaviour. For the following reasons they are normal humans and earning so much money they think they can do whatever they want, they are involved in endorsement and advertisement and they are role models.

Firstly, sports stars are normal humans and earning so much money they think they can do whatever they want. Sports stars have a responsibility to behave regular standard human beings. As sport stars these people should be held to the same rules as every other person in the world. But most sports stars had no clue on what to do with large amounts of money. These and more challenges caused havoc in the personal and professional lives of athletes and got them in serious trouble. Here are two examples one is of a player behaving badly and the other one is of a player going over the top with money. Ben Barba was rugby league player for the sharks but got sacked in 2015 for using cocaine. He then went overseas to France and England until 2019. When he signed a contract with the cowboys but then lost his contract for the cowboys and got banned from rugby league for domestic violence on his wife. Bernard Tomic was a gold coast tennis player who earned loads of money at such a young age but that were the problem occurred. At the age of 19 in 2012 Bernard Tomic was booked with two $300 speeding fines in two hours driving a$150 000 BMW. He was also on restricted licence and yet he was driving and speeding. So, this is how a sport star with no clue on how to manage large amounts of money can lead to major problems.

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Secondly, they are involved in endorsement and advertisement. There are plenty of sports stars who are involved in endorsement and advertising a brand or product and they earn millions of dollars. But some sports stars can lose their advertising contract and lose millions of dollars here are two examples. 1. Steve Smith Australian Cricket captain was involved a ball tampering scandal while playing a professional cricket match against South Africa in South Africa in 2018. As a result of his actions he lost 1-Million-dollar contract with weetbix since he was a weetbix kid ambassador. Also, the commonwealth bank ended his role as their sporting ambassador. 2. Kobe Bryant was an NBA player who not only played for the LA Laker, but he was also a Lakers all time legend. In 2003 he was involved in rape allegations which made him loose several advertising contracts with McDonalds, Coca Cola, Nutella and Spalding. This resulted in him losing 13 million dollars from advertisement.

Finally, they are role models Celebrities and professional athletes are looked up to by this generation and many more generations to come. They need to set the example by saying, 'no' to drugs and the excessive use of alcohol. Whether they like it or not they're going to be looked up to by the youth. Like regular citizens in their workplace, we should expect them to act professionally

Explanation: most of the fans, look up to their sports stars and try and be like their favourite player. But when their favourite player does things that are against the law, the image of their tarnished and also sports fan also gets disappointed. So, to stop that from happening they need to set an example of leadership and a role model in community.

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