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Sports And Society

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Sports is an activity which an individual or a group can participate or watch at their leisure. Sports teaches us to face challenges. It is a teacher which promote the idea that with hard work, dedication and pure confidence success will be attained. Society has become sports and sports has become society. The modern idea of sports came at the time of the Enlightenment and Industrial Revolution. Something that has been taken as simple leisure has also been an immense impact towards the progression of society. Political, environmental and social effects all have major impact from sports. Society understands that participating in sports can lead to a healthier life. It is also a factor which helps identify and destroy social, political and environmental restrictions in society.

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Society tends to order certain things into classes. Sports is a leisure which has a certain social class to it. (Carl 2005) stated that all sports belong to a social class in which each individual sports is looked upon with different class. For example golf and polo is a sport which is considered as a sport for the wealthy. Wealthy people spend more money and it often increases their self esteem when they tell their friends they went out to play golf or polo. Pieerre Bourdieu is a sociologist who did a study on sports and sociology and understood that any capital received from sports can be used to transpose into the form of economic, cultural, social or religious capital (Tomlinson 2004) As these capital increases sports is becoming more prevalent. Athletes are given and looked upon as gods in pedestals. Sports has and is becoming more important for an individual in a society. In the 21st century if people don’t follow a certain sport or play any sport the individual can be looked upon as someone who is less socially accepted. Not following a particular team or having a say at sports events have become a new culture that has been wiggled into social norms. Playing sports for has also been a breakthrough in social norms of females. Females are looked upon as sex which can only play specific sports due to their biology. At present time barriers are broken in which females have been participating in more games that are dominantly played by males. (Scraton, Shiela & Flintoff 2002) promoted the idea that females who undertook sports in a professional level has had to refuse or deny the femininity of themselves. Society has been moulding the change of how women are looked upon in society. As females participate in more men dominated sports, the barriers of being a female are being broken. Gender equality has been more concentrated on, as sports is not specific for a gender but for all. This helped slowly build the idea that men are equal to women and all genders have same say in society.

Hosting events such as the World cup can lead to a huge economic contribution towards the economy of the particualr country. It also is a magnet for tourists as more will travel to part take in event. Another factor which it helps is it makes the coutnry well know aroudn the world. After the event the profit made can be used for the advancemtn of the community in all aspects of their coutuntry from upgrading roads, lights, shelter etc.

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