Why Do Athletes Get Paid More Than Doctors

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We are living in a world today where being a doctor is no longer one of the most appreciated fields in the world. Today athletes, basketball players, football players and baseball players are given more appreciation than doctors. As a matter of fact, they even earn more than doctors. If you want to make a lot of money, you can be a doctor and if you want to make even more money than a doctor, become an athlete.

These days athletes earn more than doctors and hold a celebrity status which makes them in demand by different leagues like NBA, NFL or MLB. Athletes in the NBA and MLB gain a lot of attention and love from the public world. Kobe Bryant, is one the biggest example of an athlete having a celebrity status and being one of the highest paid basketball player in the world. His passing caused the whole world to mourn. Whereas many doctors in the world pass away, and the world does not take notice.

One of the reasons why athletes make more money than doctors is because of the industry that they work in. This industry includes both the image of a celebrity and the career of an athlete hence the pay gap between athletes and doctors. Where an average salary of a doctor is 214,523 dollars, the average salary of an NBA player was recorded as 5.15 million dollars in the year of 2010- 2011. Another fact is that even the worst NBA players make the double of a doctors salary.

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It is a very common opinion that doctors all around the world to immaculate work by savings lives, compared to athletes who “shoot hoops” and gain celebrity status but athletes are however paid more than doctors because they are a part of the entertainment industry. A survey in America showed that an average American might buy a pay per view rather than donating to the medical industry.

While an argument comes up that doctors compared to athletes are better human beings deserve to get more acknowledgment and respect from the world, that is not the case. Athletes who are less educated than doctors, have a history of abuse and violent behaviour e.g O.J Simpson do not deserve the money and respect that they get. Most people claim “doctors save lives while athletes shoot hoops and kick balls around”, other claims that not all doctors save lives and not all athletes are bad. Becoming an athlete is just as hard as becoming a doctor, it takes years and years to practice and be perfect and some people claim that some doctors even work illegally and that not all surgeons perform legal surgeries.

However, studies show that hypothetically, if there were four fifty doctors, they would make an estimate of 462 million dollars a year and if there were 970,000 NBA players, they would make an average of two thousand, three hundred and ninety eight dollars a year.

To conclude my essay, it is safe to say that athletes make more money than doctors. This is mostly because they are a part of an industry that gives more money to its employees while it makes close to the same amount that is paid. The entertainment industry was estimated to make around two trillion dollars in the year of 2016 and most of the money that is made, goes to the employees. Meanwhile, the US Health Care makes approximately 3 trillion a year and less than 10% of the revenue earned goes to the doctors. Therefore, athletes who are a part of sporting leagues like NBA and NFL make more money than doctors as the industry that they are in makes more money than the medical field and because of their celebrity status, where their fans would go all across the world to see their favourite players play live, not because they deserve more respect than doctors but because of their field of work and their status in the public eye.

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