Sports Studies In The Development Of Athletes In Cricket

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Development in Decision Making

Making an effective decision is an important part for the cricket as well for the development of an athletes in this particular sports(1). An ability of an athletes to take right decision in term of making the process successful in sports(Poolton, Master, & Maxwell,2006); also an integral part for the performance in cricket (Bull, Shambrook, James, & Brooks, 2005; Crombie, Lombard, & Noakes, 2009)

In the sports like cricket decision making is an important part for an every individual taking part in the game for the improvement of the performance of a team as well as for the individuals. All the participants participating in the game from bowlers bowling to the batsman, batsman facing the bowler as well the fielders to the coaches of the teams involves themselves in the decision making from the starting to an end of the game(1).

Development in Fitness

Fitness in the sports like cricket is not considered as important. Importance of fitness in any sports are very important factor. The athletes has to be fit in term of delivering the good performance in the sports like cricket. Cricket is a sport which require all aspects of fitness from the mental health to physical endurance and stamina (2). The professionalism shown by the Australlian Cricket team from the year 1990 – 2000 was the part of fitness (3). Earlier the physical fitness was considered as level of fitness meets the physical demands of the day to day life, but the definition of the physical fitness has been changed to well being, physical healthy condition to the mental stability, it also considered as body ability to be effective and efficient to meet daily activity and leisure time(2)

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Sports Studies in the Management of Athletes and Team in Cricket

There are many sports where the statisticians are involves in the game but those are basically for the television viewers. Sports like Cricket it requires the statistician are involved from the very first day of the game. Those are statisticians are required to manage and solve various cricket issues which occur. Due to the various developed hardware and software the statistical and data mining tools have reached the zenith for the management of cricketing issue in cricket.

Sports Studies in the Coaching of the Athletes

The supportive atmosphere has to be created by the coaches for the athletes and for the team as well for avoiding stress in the individuals of the team. Coaches has to develop positive attitude in the athletes to avoid the stress about the high expectation performance with themselves. The coaches should stop themselves from heavily criticizing an athlete for the bad performances instead of using positive attitude. Pushing an individual in the game of cricket above their limit and the expectation may lead to destroy their skills and will result in sending into the stress. Sometimes the athletes drop their performance rate and result themselves in going into the stress which is basically caused because the coaches and the parents failed to bring out the best from an individual in the particular sports. For the coaches it is very important to communicate well to the players fail in communication also brings down the performance of an individual because they are unaware about what are the expectations are there from the coaches which led the coaches and the athletes move in two different direction and fails to maintain their place in the team . Many players fail to perform because they actually lack in the technical and motivational encouragement instruction, to rectify this particular problem of an athlete the coaches should response on these factors to enhance their performance (Smoll & Smith, 2002).

The development of women’s cricket

Women have started playing the cricket since 1745. But the governing body was formed in the 1926 (WCA). During the time of their growing the WCA was aware of disfavor in the involvement to the sport which was considered as male sports. As a result WCA did not try to compete with men’s cricket or demanded the facilities like the men’s cricket had. WCA decided to play the game same as male do to maintain the exactly the same norms and values of cricket. The main motive for WCA was to maintain the same status and dignity which have been maintained by the men’s cricket team all around the globe.

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