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Sports Studies In The Development Of Athletes In Cricket

Development in Decision Making Making an effective decision is an important part for the cricket as well for the development of an athletes in this particular sports(1). An ability of an athletes to take right decision in term of making the process successful in sports(Poolton, Master, & Maxwell,2006); also an integral part for the performance in cricket (Bull, Shambrook, James, & Brooks, 2005; Crombie, Lombard, & Noakes, 2009) In the sports like cricket decision making is an important part for...
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How IPL Has Revolutionized The Game Of Cricket

Early the 2000s was a very tough period for the International Cricket Council (ICC) as well as the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) in terms of lesser fan following and cash crunch. This happened in the aftermath of the fixing scandal that rocked the sport to its core. With that, there was a need for the top-brass of officials needed to find certain ideas that bring back the glorious years of the sport. In 2003, England &...
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Why Is T20 Cricket The Favorite Format Of The Fans?

T20 Cricket is the newest format of the sport launched in 2003 by the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) to bring back fans that cricket lost to lack of innovation and fixing saga during that era. Since then this format has captivated the audiences around the world with its thrilling style, fast-paced action, the unpredictability of the outcome, and new match winners. Before the advent of the T20 format, the sport was all about the rivalries of country vs...
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What Makes IPL Different From Other T20 Cricket Franchise Leagues?

Cricket world followed in the footsteps of BCCI, and they started to have their own T20 Cricket franchise leagues apart from their domestic tournaments. In 2011, Cricket Australia (CA) established the Big Bash League (BBL). In 2012, Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) incorporated the Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) and similarly, Sri Lanka began their Sri Lanka Premier League (SLPL) now defunct. In 2013, Cricket West Indies (CWI) started Caribbean Premier League (CPL). In 2016, Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) launched the Pakistan...
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The Peculiarities Of Cricket Game

England is the birthplace of cricket, but the game has gained immense popularity around the world for its pure excitement and fascinating sight. In fact, in many countries, such as India and Australia, cricket is synonymous with religion. People of all ages strive to get the latest cricket news related to popular cricket stars, matches, and tournaments. When a mega tournament called the Cricket World Cup takes place, the excitement level reaches the top. Once every four years, most prominent...
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A Study On Impact Of Cricket On Indian Society

Abstract In a country like India Cricket is not just a game, it’s beyond that. The board of cricket control is considered as the world’s richest cricket sporting body and Indian cricket team as most followed cricket fans in the world. And from the beginning phase of the cricket till now it is playing an immense role in the society of India. This research article studies the impact of cricket on Indian Society. The data regarding the study was collected...
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Cricket Analysis And Management Plan: Sport Promotions And Public Relations

Introduction Cricket has had a long history of transformation, from being called a gentleman’s game in the 17th century to being a sport that is treated like religion in nations around the world. The main factors behind this transformation are the game’s commercialization and globalization with the interference of politics and emotions. Australia is home to thousands of cricket enthusiasts and since it’s the national sport of the country, it is one of the most popular and participated sports in...
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Exploring The Trajectory Of A Cricket Ball

Introduction Bowling is intrinsic to the game of cricket, and it can be said that it is half of the game. One way of getting the batsman out in cricket is by hitting the stumps on a ball, by getting it past the batsman’s defence. Similarly, hitting the batsman’s body in front of the stumps, where it can be deemed that, without the batsman there, the ball would have hit the stumps, will result in the batsman being given out...
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Cricket In Australia: Shame Or Glory

In the past two years, we have witnessed the destruction of men’s cricket in Australia. From cheating to racism to homophobia, Australia has seen it all. What will it take for the reputation of Cricket Australia to be restored? Will the team ever return to its former glory? 24 March 2018. A day forever marked by scandal and shame for the Australian national men’s cricket team. From this point on, Cricket Australia spiralled significantly in regard to men’s cricket, with...
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Spot Fixing In Cricket: Events, Impacts And Assumptions

Introduction Cricket was originated in England and it has always been termed as “Gentleman’s game”. Apart from all other sports this is one sport where playing in true spirit of the game is considered to be of highest regards. In the modern era the game has been plagued by various spot fixing scandals. This has hampered the image of the game. Spot fixing most commonly has its roots in the illegal sports betting business. Bettors pay huge amount to the...
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The History And Spread Of Cricket

Cricket originated in the 17th century as purely a leisure activity in the rural areas around London. However, as this activity started gaining popularity it spread to the rich and wealthy areas in Hampshire where wealthy financiers started sponsoring the local working class to play for their own amusement. They often even placed bets on them and as this contagious expansion type of diffusion occurred, local experts were brought in to help develop the game and it began to be...
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Why Cricket Is More Popular Than Any Other Sports In India

Sports associated Games square measure an integral a part of human life from the terribly starting itself. as a result of they helped individuals to induce relief from the strain of daily chores of life and additionally helped them to socialize and bond with others. Sports and Games brought joy and happiness to the participants also because the spectators. It additionally helped to instill the spirit of healthy competition by forming groups and acquire the sensation of identicalness among themselves....
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Why People Like Cricket

Cricket is a game played with bat and ball. Cricket is played between two teams of Eleven players on each side on a field at the Stadium. The Cricket is played many types of formats, twenty (20), Fifty Overs 50 ,one Day, and Test Series game goes on 5 Days, But the most popular are in World Cup. One Day game is most popular in cricket because each team getting 300 balls to chase the score runs. According to the...
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Failure Analysis In Cricket Bat

Abstract In this study it is intend to carry out static analysis on cricket bat for English willow bat at different points on blade of the bat by applying load obtained from the specific ball speeds. The author is trying to analyze the behavior of existing material in bat handle for load applied. Material in bat handle is changed and checked for its static performance. The bat was then modeled accordingly in Solid works and was imported to ANSYS Workbench...
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Current Status Of Women’s Cricket In Pakistan

A sport is basically defined as physical activity which enables or improves physical ability and skills of an individual whilst providing source of entertainment to public. It makes a person physically active, capable and creates sense of readiness and grace. It is regulated by set of instructions which creates equitable competition and allows compatible decision of the winner amongst hundreds of participants competing whether in teams or as individuals. Sports, itself builds connections between people and helps to form relationships...
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Exploring Factors Sprawling To The Commercialization Of Cricket

A sport is an area of major interest in modern society, boasting a greater number of participants than ever before. This substantial increase in active and passive interest has led to major changes in important aspects of sports (Dubey & Ali, 2014). They are related to general changes in society and may be characterized as post-industrial in so far as these are associated with structural changes in the manufacturing economy. In the view of Subramanian (2015) most of the modern...
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A Change In Indian Cricket And Society

Sociology has been defined by many pioneer thinkers, in the words of Max Weber, “Sociology is the science which attempts the interpretive understanding of social action.” This definition briefly sums up what the following essay will be focusing on. The following essay will be focusing on the changes brought to cricket and how it revolutionized the sport, as well as Indian society. It will be focusing on what aspects helped IPL gain so much popularity in the Indian society. As...
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Cricket: History, Rules, Tournaments And Peculiarities

WHAT IS CRICKET? Cricket is a game in which there are two teams which includes 11 players on the either sides. Before the match starts the captain of each team will do a toss and whichever team wins the toss have to decide whether they will ‘Bat’ or ‘Ball’. If they choose bat so they have to score an amount of runs which the other team could achieve and if they choose ball so they have to stop the other...
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How IPL Changed The Way That Cricket Is Played

In the year 2008 we came as the bank for each and every Indian who love cricket when the announcement was made for the first Indian Premier Cricket League. From the end the journey started and even after 10 years craziness about is single match of IPL has not gone down a bit on the contrary it is increasing day by day. The reason behind this is every year IPL comes up with new surprises and also with new talents...
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The Collapse Of Cricket And The Rise Of Ice Hockey In Canada After The Confederation

Canada confederated in 1867 after four provinces joined together. There were major social, economic, and cultural differences that were observed before and after the confederation. There was a rapid change seen in Canadian society during the second half of the 19th century. The changes seen in the society are highlighted through the type of sports played in these different times. The time period at which any sport is played in history reveals a lot about the social and political conditions...
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