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Why People Like Cricket

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Cricket is a game played with bat and ball. Cricket is played between two teams of Eleven players on each side on a field at the Stadium. The Cricket is played many types of formats, twenty (20), Fifty Overs 50 ,one Day, and Test Series game goes on 5 Days, But the most popular are in World Cup. One Day game is most popular in cricket because each team getting 300 balls to chase the score runs. According to the research by Australian Sports Camps (2017) the other teams tries to outscore them within same number of balls.

Cricket umpires are responsible for making decisions and calls in a game of cricket. They also ensure that the players and matches follow the rules of the game taking a similar role to referees in other sports. Most umpires, at least at a professional level, are male even in women’s cricket also. The number of umpires on the field varies according to the type of match played.

Most Cricket matches have two umpires on the field. The first stands at the stumps behind of the bowler, and the other at a position known as square leg to left of the batsman. There are three umpires specially in international matches. The third official give a final decision from a TV monitor if other umpires feel that a decision is unclear and they need to see replay. At international Test level players can also appeal against umpire decision if they are not satisfy so they use third umpire challenge the call research by (Morgan-Mar, 2006).

Before the cricket match start, umpires survey the pitch area and make sure all equipment is set out, check that the stadium boundary is correctly marked before play begins. After that they meet with team captains to check team details and to discuss hours of play, the timing of food and drink breaks. And the rules of play, before the coin toss to decide which team will do bats or bowls first report by (Morgan-Mar, 2006).

Umpires monitor fair play make the decisions on game play. They also monitor overs sets of six balls bowled at one end of the pitch and they tell teams when to change ends. It umpire job to rule on weather a batsmen is out, whether’ a bowler has bowled illegally and to make a call on how many runs a batsman hits. The position on the pitch edict the decision each umpire make. For Example: Bowler end umpire looks for mistake such as illegal bowls like (NO BALL), wide and high balls and wide ball that would have hit the wicket, but that were diverted by the batsmen’s leg is called (LBW) (LEG BEFORE WICKETS). The other umpire looks for thing like ball hitting the wicket before the batsman gets back to it from a run (Run- out and stumpings). The two switch positions after each over.

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To the play this game you just need bat and ball and a minimum fo two players so you can easily play the game. It can be play even the smallest dimensions like a road or backyards or large area Shopping /centers or parking lots or even in a room. Compared to other sports cricket has more number of the coaching centre and practices section in the country. This factor hugely responsible in drawing more and more young people and young children who aspire to future cricketers.

The twelfth man is not allow to bat and bowl wicket keep or captain the team. His sole duty is act as a substitute fielder. The original player is free to return the game as soon as they have recover from the their injury. Cricket is some standing around to play cricket you have to fit and strong and have good eye coordination, ball handling skills. It also involves sprinting between the wickets and running to stop ball as well bowling and throwing.

Physical health also benefits cricket can also bring other benefits and opportunities such as social skills such as cooperation, communication and learning to cope with win and lose. It great way to meet new people and make the new friends international teams and super leagues all over the world. Matching Fixing in Cricket lot of cricketer did. Samuels part of the west indies cricketer they won the ICC world twenty20 (2012) before that in the year 2008. He was suspected of handing out information regarding team tactics and moves to a bookie ahead of the West Indies(Team Belong Jamaica) and India match.

Samuels maintained his innocence, and recorded tapes of telephone conversations were evidence enough for a two year banned on Samuels. Pursuing, brief of him banned period, Marlon Samuels returned to the field and built a high flying career for himself Accoding to report by Sourav Das (2019).

Finally English won this world cup 2019 in july. England were crowned world champions despite tied with super over against New Zealand in impatient world cup 2019 final at Lord’s (UK). This was first time super over was in world cup Final. Chasing the 16 runs in super over, new Zealand managed 15 but England won the match because of score more boundaries in the match and in super over. (Stewart,2019)

Helmet is important in Cricket because of risk of head and facial injury. It is now mandatory for all cricketers when they performing batting and when they doing wicket keeping. It is a Important part of Cricket because of couple of years ago following death of Australian Cricketer Phillip Hughes ball was hit below the helmet on the neck in a Sheffield Shield during match by a fast delivery according to research Pye. A (2016).


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