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Exploring Factors Sprawling To The Commercialization Of Cricket

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A sport is an area of major interest in modern society, boasting a greater number of participants than ever before. This substantial increase in active and passive interest has led to major changes in important aspects of sports (Dubey & Ali, 2014). They are related to general changes in society and may be characterized as post-industrial in so far as these are associated with structural changes in the manufacturing economy.

In the view of Subramanian (2015) most of the modern games were invented by Englishmen. The sports are majorly outdoor-type, hockey, football, and rugby being some of the prime examples. These sports have also managed to be adjudged as national sports of various countries. Cricket is one such sport which was also invented by Englishmen and the rest is history. The game was introduced as “Test” cricket which has evolved into one-day internationals and recently into T-twenty game (Lamont, 2015). The changing rules and dynamics of this game have attracted the attention of many countries and India is one such country which has made a significant contribution in this game in every format.

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The game has taken a special place in the hearts of the Indians. Earlier studies by Kermani (2019) expressed the role of the spatial distribution of sports across various nations. Cricket is one such game which has also managed to have its presence in every continent of the world and even in countries which are just the Islands. The word presence would be an understatement because these countries have also managed to rule the game by winning the World Cup (West Indies and Sri Lanka).

This represents and supports the theory developed by Knowles (2015) of commercialization and the importance of sports. It is not the area of the country which matters, nor does the rate of development which matters the quality of the game played by a nation. Examples from India paint a rosy picture in the current study as well. Gusev (2015) regionalized the game in the Indian context and coined the term “The Indianization of Cricket” which was an important study in revamping the popularity of the sport and the country i.e. India. The researcher also argues that the culture of cricket as mentioned earlier was an English concept and because India was ruled by Britisher’s the game sunk in the culture of Indian’s as well (Moorthy, 2017). Although, there is no substantial data to prove the above notion, yet the current scenario of cricket in India speaks the story clearly. Ketaki & Choi (2014) framework, although gives a slight glimpse of the reason for the expansion of cricket. The spatial distribution of cricket was because of the rule of Englishmen in most of the part of the world which led to the development of interest of the natives of the country as well.

In the view of Knowles (2015) cricket regardless of its formation has numerous stakeholders of cricket are players, public spectators, coaches, administrators, ICC, commercial partners, and the media. according to Chatterjee (2015) each stakeholder of the cricket has some interests which must be secured with the aim of conducting fair game, such as ICC (international cricket council) stakeholder the main stakeholders of cricket which demands a fair conducting of cricket game where there should no concept of discrimination and all stakeholders especially players, coaches and concerning cricket board need to make sure that they are complying with set rules and regulation. on the other hand, public demands a frequent occurring of matches among different teams in the national stadium ,especially between their national team with other countries, provision of ticket at reasonable prices, a friendly environment in stadium and security are some of the main concerns of the public, where coaches and administrators in each country prefer to keep their team away from any sort of illegal activity along with splendid improvement in the cricket playing skills (Usmani

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