How Microorganisms Change Our Life

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Every individual knows how hard it is to be sick and ill because of diseases. Humans as well as animals often experienced it due to the viruses around us. A virus cannot survive alone; it needs host cells to continue living. Viruses such as influenza virus in “flu”, HIV in AIDS, smallpox virus, measles virus, and coronavirus in Covid-19 invade and attack our cells. It replicates and infects other cells of our immune system. The only protection of our body against the viral infection is the antibodies produced by our immune system, which kills the invading viruses and infected cells. Vaccination is the only way to combat and prevent viral infection of diseases. That’s why scientists continue to develop vaccines. Just like in the measles, the development of a vaccine for coronavirus is very necessary. So that Covid-19 patients get better and cured from the disease. This pandemic will surely eradicate once a vaccine was develop.

The study of these viruses and the development of vaccines were made possible through the use of microbiology. A branch of biology that deals with the study of microorganisms, or those living organisms that can only be seen through the use of a microscope. Studying microbiology will help us understand a lot more about science and life. It plays a great role in medical field, food, environment science and biotechnology.

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First of all is the identification of how organisms such as bacteria and viruses cause disease. By studying the life process of these microorganisms, their reproduction cycles, and their reaction to chemicals, we learn ways on how to fight and prevent the spread of the illnesses they cause. Scientists discover cures like vaccine or antibiotics to diseases as well as its use in industrial purposes. Products like acetaldehyde, butanol, acetic acid, ethanol, fuels, etc. are produced through the use of microorganisms. The production of foods that we usually eat and drink like cheese, kimchi, yogurt, yakult, breads, wine, and other dairy products that you know all came bacteria. Microorganism also plays an important role in our environment most especially in aquaculture and agriculture. It protects aquatic species from different infections, improve waters quality, and control microbial development. It helps in the decomposition and fertilization soil. Mycorrhiza fungi help in the absorption of plant’s minerals and water from the soil and protect its roots from other fungi. Microorganisms are used in the array of fermentation processes that’s why we can able to make bagoong, patis, nata de coco, vinegars and many other products.

Microorganisms and its application brought a great changes and development in our life. It is impossible to live without bacteria, virus, fungi, algae, protozoa and good parasites. Even though microorganisms are so small we must not must belittled them, for they are the reason why we are experiencing a life worth living.

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