How The Keto Diet Helps You Cure Epilepsy

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As you know diets have so many applications which mean people try them for various purposes ranging from weight loss to other health benefits they offer you. The way you eat and when you eat totally affects the functionality of your brain. The point worthy of being mentioned is that the keto diet can help you cure epilepsy. In fact, anyone having epilepsy can lessen the possibility of getting seizures to a significant level.

What is the ketogenic diet

The keto diet s is a low-carb diet but high in fat which its aim is to induce fat metabolism. When you’re on the keto diet, your body will make use of stored fats in your body in order to get the required amount of energy. In this stage, something is produced in your body and that is Ketones. Your brain needs energy and when your body doesn’t have glucose, it resorts to Ketones for an energy source. The keto diet is an effective weight loss diet and its efficacy has been proven. If you ask those who have already tried this diet, they’d probably start cajoling you into going on this diet. the keto diet suppresses your appetite which is an amazing thing for some people who are willing to lose weight. caused by infections. Not to mention that the keto diet is believed to be the modified type of Atkins.

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What is exactly epilepsy?

Purely put, epilepsy is a kind of disorder ( nervous system ) covering so many symptoms. Some are likely to twitch, some may in a sense collapse and others may have a special type of seizures. Millions of people are born with this kind of disorder. Based on the recently published studies on the effects of the keto diet on epilepsy, it’s believed that the keto diet truly lessens the possibility of seizures. It's an embarrassing condition to have, I mean who wants to lose control of their body and be looked at as a freak by some? Because lots of people don't talk about the fact that they have it, and it's not a horribly common thing to have, many people don't ever think about it enough to find out specifics.

Sometimes it's genetic, sometimes it starts around puberty, sometimes there is a problem in the brain(tumors, etc) that cause the problem, and sometimes there is no explanation for why the seizures exist. A ketogenic diet for the treatment of epilepsy is no different from the ketogenic diet for weight loss. You can eat eggs, meat, tofu, and some nuts and vegetables. As long as you avoid bread, fruits, grains, rice, potatoes, pasta, and other starches, you can get into ketosis.

What is partial epilepsy?

As the name implies, partial epilepsy impacts on a specific area of your brain. As you know this kind of disorder is followed by special types of symptoms. The occurrence of the symptoms totally depends on which section of your brain has been affected. It's series range from drooling, unintentional mouth motions, eye movements, unintentional head turning, an unusual feeling of numbness and etc… you may also start a smelling something that others are not or you are likely to hear sounds and that only you’re hearing.

4 types of epilepsy you should know:

  1. Generalized• Seizures show up on both the right and left side of your brain
  2. Focal • This is partial seizures where only one side of your brain is affected. Focal is divided into 4 separate categories: Focal aware, Impaired awareness, motor, and non-motor seizures.
  3. Both focal and generalized • You have both focal and generalized seizures
  4. Unknown epilepsy • It’s evident that you have epilepsy but doctors can make a sound decision since you may have had seizures where there were no one seeing you and you were on your own.

How do you know you have epilepsy?

Whilst epilepsy does have some very exact symptoms, not everyone's symptoms will show up in the same way and yours could be something very different which is only particular to you. Occasionally a seizure could appear with the person being aware of a strange smell, the color they can see that others can not or even a taste or feeling that is unique to you. This is also known as the aura. This will often come about because of a trigger that is particular to that person and again this totally differs from person to person. It may be flashing lights, while for some people it may be loud noises and for others maybe it is sudden cold or extreme heat, etc. Then you may either loose moments where someone will probably say you appeared to be daydreaming, as you simply stop what you were doing, only to just begin again as though there was no gap. This type of seizure is also called a petty mal and it hard to diagnose initially as the sufferer simply 'checks out' for a bit! Then there comes the 'Grand Mal' where you fall to the floor, lose consciousness and finally you would have a full seizure, often wetting yourself and sometimes injuring yourself. Once you stop fitting, you will slowly start regaining your awareness but will feel groggy and will have an extremely annoying headache which may make you wanna go hit the sack afterwards.

What vitamins do you need to control epilepsy?

  1. Taurine (500 mg three times per day): it’s a type of amino acids that are said to be able to inhibit seizures. Not to mention that various studies have already proven this an established claim.
  2. Diet: The most popular diet on this planet (ketogenic) diet which is a type of diet being low in carbs, high in fat and moderate in protein. This diet can help your body monitor the seizures. The point which is worth mentioning here is that recent researches and studies conducted on the impacts of the ketogenic diet on epilepsy have shown a strong connection with food allergies and seizures in children. It’s highly suggested that you avoid aspartame, alcohol, caffeine.
  3. Zinc: may be depleted by some medications (30 mg per day)
  4. Manganese: Depleted in people with epilepsy (5 to 15 mg per day)
  5. Magnesium: 500 to 750 mg per day (should be in a 1:1 ratio in persons taking calcium) for normal muscle and nervous system function
  6. Folic acid : (400 mcg per day): It’s advised that this vitamin be taken with B12 (100 to 200 mcg per day)
  7. B6: this vitamin can help control and monitor seizures especially in children. ( 20 to 50 mg per kilogram of body weight )

Can keto really cure your epilepsy?

The keto diet has been around for years and its validity and reliability as an effective diet has been proven so far. Doctors also recommend this diet to anyone having epilepsy. In fact, out of all the treatments, the keto diet is an established one for adults or children with epilepsy.

According to recent experiments conducted in Houston Health centers, it was proved that a keto diet is an effective approach to cure epilepsy since this diet in a sense c modifies the genes which are already involved in energy metabolism in your brain. This helps your brain in so many ways and causes your brain to stabilize the functions of neurons. The keto s diet is a low carb a diet and it’s been certified that low carb but high-fat diet regimen lessen seizures.

How does the keto diet lessen the seizures?

What do you think is the cause of so many neurons firing at the same time? this occurs during a seizure. This happens simply because the cells of your brain are kinda excitable and these cells in your brain are emitting a lot of excitatory neurotransmitters such as glutamates.

What the keto diet does is that it lessens the number of glutamates in your brain and extends the GABA which hampers the process of seizures. It’s also said that a keto diet can lower inflammation in your brain or any type of inflammation

The final take

Epilepsy is a special kind of disorder which is divided into separable categories based on the symptoms. You may experience a type of symptom that someone else may not. the efficacy of the keto diet is well-known to everyone. Not only is it a good diet for weight loss, but it also helps you cure epilepsy. Doctors recommend that children with epilepsy try this diet because it will lessen the possibility of getting seizures. Various Researches and studies have been conducted in Houston Health centers in order to realize the root cause of epilepsy but unfortunately, no one knows the exact root cause yet. The thing is that various premises have been established so far yet the validity of such hypotheses has not been certified.

Please do bear in mind that, you should speak with a professional in order to get your body checked and see whether you have epilepsy or not. This article has been written in order to give you a good understanding of epilepsy. Under no circumstances should you rely on the information posted on websites like ours. It’s advised that you speak with your physician about this.

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