Immigration To US: The Problems That People Face

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Immigration is one of the biggest issues the United States suffers the most with. Some people may not care much about these issues, only because they are affected by it very minimally, or even not at all. Most Americans believe that immigration does not apply to them at all, but the truth is, it has everything to do with them. Immigration is a huge topic that controls plenty of things along with it. The truth of the matter is that immigration has many possible crucial effects on the average American. Economically, the average American might have a harder time finding a job due to too many immigrants taking jobs that could have been available to the American person. Another common economic effect that occurs is when there are too many immigrants wages will go down because, commonly, foreign people are willing to do harder jobs for cheaper costs which enables them to get the job more easily. These are just a few examples of the negative effects of too much immigration on the local population. On the other hand, there are also plenty of positive outcomes a lot of immigration has on the United States, such as lower prices of goods and a larger workforce, which is beneficial in plenty of ways. A very common example of these immigration disagreements getting in the way of a causal relationship is the relationship between a child born in the United States with a parent that gave birth to them in the United States with no American citizenship.

One of the largest problems that have a huge effect on the relationship between a parent and child attempting to have a decent life in the United States is a dilemma that has been very prevalent and frequent among the current immigrants that are fleeing the dangerous and scary situations that are being presented in their home countries. They attempt to flee these situations to come to a safer place that gives them a better chance at succeeding or even surviving in the life they have been given. The number of problems that are occurring in South America has been at a steady increase in the last couple of decades and is nowhere close to ending. The main types of issues that have been occurring have to do with the citizens of these countries being unhappy with the methods that their leaders are taking to better their country or the handling of the country’s primary resources. This tends to cause plenty of civil wars; these civil wars create a scary, dangerous, and life-threatening environment for children. Unfortunately, the main outcome of these civil wars has been poverty, death, and destruction. When these families have children they need to raise, or want children, it causes an enormous amount of South American families to attempt to flee their countries in search of a better life. These families do not have much for themselves and when they see their countries beginning to self-destruct, their human instinct is to flee and search for a better life for their children (Giano, et al. 2019). According to a research study done by Zachary Giano, children born in the U.S. to immigrant parents that ended up getting arrested were more than 50% in 2007, which was a major increase compared to years prior. This study proves the fact that the effect of all these people fleeing is the arrest of many undocumented South Americans in the United States (Giano, et al. 2019).

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The arrest of all these families, mainly parents, causes plenty of distress upon both the children and the parents of the family. After these families flee their country and attempt to make a life for themselves, if they even ended up making it, they usually have to put up with reliving the ways they got to the U.S. in the form of PTSD. The way they had to scurry off and hideaway in order to sneak is insanely traumatic. Some are children and some are adults, but no matter the age, the trauma is present. If these families end up making it without seeing their loved ones die, get arrested, or get left behind, they have to find a way to cope and move on (Kaltman, et al. 2019). The methods that are used to get into the United States illegally are plentiful, but not simple at all. They all take a lot of money or a lot of pain. Even with a lot of money, the travel for them is a pain. Most of these people mean no ill will but are only looking for a safer place to take care of their loved ones. This occurs in many casual relationships between a child and their undocumented parent. According to a study done by Stacey Kattman, most of these Latino low-income families do not receive the mental health treatment they need. The study is done based upon PTSD and how well people recovered. Throughout the results, it can be seen that these Latino people with low income generally receive worse treatment and do not heal as much and as easily as others do. ‘’It is noteworthy that 80 participants (58.0%) reported experiencing an extreme situation not covered by the specific exposures surveyed. Fifty-three participants (81.5%) at the collaborative care clinic and 62 participants (84.9%) at the on-site therapist clinic reported exposure to trauma. Forty-four participants (67.7%) at the collaborative care clinic and 47 participants (64.4%) at the on-site therapist clinic met the cutoff for presumptive PTSD in civilian primary care clinics’’(Kaltman, et al. 2019). According to Kaltman’s data, these people are suffering immensely and are not receiving nearly enough care as they should be (Kaltman, et al. 2019).

Finally, these causal relationships between parents and children suffer the most when they are caught. Due to so many people fleeing at once, some are bound to get caught and held accountable for their actions. This is one of the worst ways these people’s adventures can end. They end up getting captured and placed in a holding area until a decision has been chosen by the authorities. These decisions can vary from imprisonment to release. This process can take weeks, and even months; the worst thing of all is throughout the entire process of them being held, they are being treated like animals. They are being treated like criminals who have committed a heinous crimes. Only a few are, or have been able to share their experiences and pass on their stories of how it happened and how they were treated. ‘’A handful of adults sit quietly in the lobby, hands folded in laps, gazes cast toward the floor. More than three dozen children from the shelter vans fill the room, radiating heat and nervous chatter. One by one they step through the metal detector and snatch seats along the rows of orange plastic chairs’’ (Markham & Markham, Pg XX 2019). This is just one of many examples shown from a book based on a real-life story. This book attempts to describe in detail how everything occurred and how they were treated (Giano, et al. 2019). Constantly throughout the book, the author explains in detail all the horrific situations they are put in throughout their journey. This is just one example of the way these journeys affect relationships between the people fleeing such as parents, children, and siblings. The study of Zachary Giano gives a good summary of all the abuse they go through. In his results, it was determined that “levels of trauma exposure were high, with 83.3% of participants (n = 115) reporting one or more exposures. The most frequently reported trauma exposure was physical violence (51.5%), followed by emotional abuse (42.8%), sexual violence (34.8%), and witnessed violence (33.3%).’’(Giano, et al. 2019) These numbers are an estimate of all the terrible violence they go through just by being held in these waiting stations (Markham & Markham, Pg XX 2019).

It can be concluded that as a result of these South American migrants fleeing their countries for a better life for themselves and their children, they end up in situations that cause the parents to get detained and removed from the family for an abnormal amount of time. Sometimes it causes them to get into situations that will forever scar them with trauma and PTSD. Other times they get stuck in situations that are torturous and only bring pain to them with multiple types of abuse including emotional, physical, and sometimes, even sexual. These adventures that South American families are choosing to take on will forever alter and have a huge effect on their relationships with their children due to the immigration laws, citizenship, and legalities. These results will forever leave a mark on the descendants of these immigrants in a positive and/or negative way. This is just an example of how these immigration laws and citizenship fiascos have an effect on a certain relationship; when it comes to other relationships, these immigration laws and ways will hurt these people in different ways as well. It is important to understand what it's causing and why it's happening.

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