Impact of the Age of Exploration

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In 1492 Cristoforo Colombo discovered The Americas. He had rallied three Spanish boats on a voyage to prove that he knew a faster way to India also proving his theory that the earth was round. He accidentally found America and mistook it for India not realizing it was a whole new world he had just found. Since they did think this was India they mistook the people native to America as Indians and they have kept that name for a while even though it is false. The natives had a prophecy that said gods and large floating islands would come from the ocean. The Europeans were mistaken for the gods and they took advantage of their kindness to take most of their land and enslave their people. It didn't take long for the First Nations to realize their mistake but it was too late for them as the Europeans had already taken control. The Europeans had a much greater effect of the Aboriginals.

The Europeans had just found a new world and were surprised by things but they also brought a lot to there very different land. The animals that they brought over had the biggest effect on the aboriginals. It changed the way that they hunted bison because now they could travel great distances on horseback and also made hunting bison a lot more efficient and a lot faster. The Europeans also brought lots of new food variety such as pigs and cattle. The animals helped the first nations a lot but they also bought something that devastated their populations and lead to almost complete annihilation of some tribes. Disease was the biggest danger to first nations for a long time. Not only did they not have any medicine to treat serious illness they would mostly die from the common cold as they did not have the right cells to protect them from these diseases. The Europeans also brought certain plants that were never seen in America. The dandelion was one of the plants that very quickly spread and changed the way first nations farming techniques. First nations did not have access to metal tools yet so when the Europeans brought them over the America it changed farming and hunting for first nations forever. The metal tools made everything they did more efficient and was one of the few changes that were good for the first nations.

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The Aboriginals had a very large impact on the Europeans also as they had their own assortment of animals, food and other technology. One of the most demanded items from the aboriginals was tobacco. It was a very big hit in Europe and was an upper class item that only wealthy people had mostly. Just like how the Europeans gave the First Nations deadly disease the First Nations also gave the Europeans a disease but it wasn't nearly as fatal. Syphilis spread through brothels and quickly spread to thousands of people in a single day. The Europeans also got a lot of gold and silver as the ground was rich with it and was a very common trading item. The Europeans also were given many different types of fruit and vegetables such as tomatoes, potatoes, corn and pumpkins. With these vegetables the Europeans were able to grow hundreds of new crops and expand their diets with many different healthy options. One of the most important animals that the Europeans took from the first nations was the turkey. The turkey is a good source of food and is now a national bird but its origin is often forgotten.

The Europeans had a significant impact on the aboriginals as they took so much and basically nearly wiped out entire tribes of first nations. The Europeans took advantage of the Aboriginals and took control of their land imprisoned hundreds of them and put thousands into slavery. The ones that didn't get taken were moved to extremely reduced plots of land and were forced to be told what they can do and when. The Aboriginals impact on the Europeans is pretty much in significant to the Europeans impact on the Aboriginals as most of their impact is positive and helped the Europeans greatly.

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