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Importance Of Counseling In School

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Education is a lifelong process of growth and development which alters the human behavior and attitude and enhances students’ knowledge, skills and abilities. During the process of learning children undergo through various changes in and around them which sometimes pose a threat to learning. Therefore, counseling by relevant professionals is required in school because it helps students to harmonize their abilities, interest and values. According to Brown (2012),” counselling refers to services offered to prevent problems with work behavior regardless of level of education.” To enumerate, counselling is a generic term and it is used to describe a wide range of activities where a trained professional act on his or her roles in accordance. According to Welsh assembly (2007), “it directs students on an appropriate career and subject choices; solving discipline, social and psychological problems; and general adjustments to school life”

A school is a platform of students before going for higher education in colleges and building up a career. As a matter of fact, the Bhutan’s vision 2020 also asserts importance for a holistic education that would eventually prepare student to face the global challenges. Counseling in school is not a part of disciplinary action but a part of learning. A study carried out by Bahati division Nakuru district by Nigeria (2007) showed that the counseling had a positive impact on academic performance. Unlike traditional methods that focus more on paper work, the professional counsellor today proactively comes up with innovative ideas that make students able to concentrate well, get enough ideas about the particular topic which leads the students to do performance well. Accordingly, a study carried by John carey and Karen Harrington in Nebraska school (2005) has shown that counseling had a positive impact on academic performance.

In addition to helping students to set a base for higher education and a good career, this professional relationship helps them to accomplish enhanced wellness and health. According to a report from national research council and institute of medicine, at any given point, between 14 and 20 percent of children and adolescents will experience a mental, emotional or behavioral disorder. During this age limit if students are given counseling then the student will be able to overcome emotional and psychological problems including substance abuse, family problems and peer pressure. Alice notes that the views on guidance and counseling have changed over the years and it now focus more on understanding the youth issues and solving problem (2015, p.52). By giving better advices on how to overcome their mental health issues such as depression then they will set a foundation for handling personal and emotional conflicts which will help the student in various field all alone and will be able to help other students.

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According to Adder & Erktin (2010), Counseling student’s self-regulation can reduce anxiety and increase academic performance. Anxiety can have a negative effect on the students in their life which will directly affect them. People with anxiety have difficulty storing and retrieving information (Nelson and Harwood, 2011). Some students face difficulties to formally or informally access because of anxiety. Not all teachers understand the signs of anxiety and effects on their students. If teachers can recognize the signs, they can help the students cope up with academic anxiety. To put it differently anxiety negatively affects memory and academic performance henceforth in order to help students, counseling by professionals is required to let students overcome anxiety.

Counseling is viewed as an accessible service, increasing the range of options available to students who need to talk to professional about issues in their lives. Counseling has been placed utmost importance in Bhutan. The MOE also trains 15 counsellors every year at Samtse College of education under PGDGC program (2012). Counseling decreases classroom disturbances. Counseling services support teachers in class room and enable teacher to provide a quality instruction designed to assist students in achieving high standards. According to Mutie and Ndumbuki (12 May 2011, third paragraph) “a student faces many difficult situations in life today, he or she has to make intelligent choices”. To enumerate the classes are less likely interrupted by students who have received counseling by professional counsellor. To have a good progress in class a professional counsellor is a very important factor in the school.

School counseling programs have significant influence on discipline problems. Baker and Gerler (1998) reported that students who participated in counseling program had significantly more appropriate behaviors and positive attitudes toward school than those students who did not participate in the program. It may be true that students due to lack of trust in counsellor does not seek counselling as some counsellors makes students issue public but it is more beneficial if a student receive counselling as it will help students both physically and mentally. According to curry (2012, p.22) “Having a diverse curriculum and educational opportunity to develop skills and competencies.” Through this program conducted students will be having no discipline issues in school.

In the final analysis counseling is an intervention that students can voluntarily enter if they want to explore, understand and overcome issues. Schools are dynamic, complex, challenge and fun so in order to help students to harmonize their abilities, values and interest counseling is a important factor. Counselling includes making them ready to face the transition stage and assure the students college and carrier readiness. In the long run all these emotional and psychological problems such as anxiety and depression acts as a barrier to learning so as a matter of fact counseling by relevant professional in Bhutan is required in the schools to help students to realize their own capabilities and potentials.


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