Characteristics of an Effective Counsellor: Informative Essay

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According to the Cambridge Dictionary, a counselor is someone who is trained to listen to people and give them advice about their problems.

Within the framework of psychology, effective counseling requires, first of all, the cooperation of the client and the consultant. To be an effective consultant, you need to be able to first assess your client; it opens the door to communication and involvement in the problem. Before you begin counseling any client, make sure that it is clear on boundaries, pros, and cons. This gives the client a choice if they want you as their counselor. While establishing boundaries it is also important to discuss timeframes, goals, and progress. It is very important that the counselor explains being honest about their thoughts and feelings. A counselor should make sure that the client clearly understands the personality, approach, and style of their counseling. This will form some type of chemistry that they are both comfortable with. This will give the client a chance to look for another counselor with match chemistry and comfortability is what they are looking for.

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It is up to the client to make changes in their lives, but an effective counselor will be able to pinpoint the obstacle that blocking them. Then, once the obstacle is pinpointed, the counselor can help the client overcome them. The effectiveness of a good counselor can identify the negative thinking that can lead to habits, depression, suicidal thoughts, and panic attacks. Once identification has taken place the counselor then can approach with encouraging words, strengths, and momentum. Even a good counselor can help pull the positive attributes within the client’s environment. Pulling out the positive areas within the clients allows a counselor to help them recognize and admit where life has gone down a negative path. “By your counselor teaching clients, effective techniques to communicate it send clear exchanges on who may be causing pain in the client’s life” (Ponton, Lynn, 2020). Many times the clients have no idea where these negative things start happening in their world. It takes an effective counselor with experience to help the client, but not in an offense type of way. “The client should be able to recognize their own behavior and negative patterns by the way of an effective counselor” (Ponton, Lynn, 2020).

In summary, an effective counselor within psychology should have the traits of a good communicator, acceptance, empathy, problem-solver, rapport-building skills, flexibility, and, multicultural competency.

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