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Importance of Thomas More for Modern Society

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The three parts of the movie that I found particularly meaningful and moving is when Thomas More refuses to sign the document by the Cardinals because he felt like it was not the right thing to do. That stood out to me because Thomas stayed true to himself and never gave in and that is why he is a martyr. A second part that stood out to me was when Thomas More tells his family to leave England because they are in danger. This stood out to me because he took the time to tell his love ones that they were in danger and cared enough to warn them to get out of England. Lastly, the third part in the movie that stood out to me is when Thomas More died for what he believed in and how he did not give in. Thomas More is a saint today because he fought for what he believed in.

I think More did the right thing to sacrificed his life for what he believed in because if he did sign the treaty, he would just be be like everyone else, who is a follower. he would let the King win and later on would regret giving in. Thomas More does not want to change his religion or betray it, but virtually everyone else wants him to and they end up killing him for it.

The principles for Thomas More that he gave up his life into preserve the word of God and to always defend for his belief. Yes, his principles were worth his life because to defend the faith, he had to die for what he believed in.

Sir Thomas More was the main character and he was the protagonist of the movie. Thomas is true to himself and his conscience because he did not sign the act that allows the king to divorce his wife. He did not sign it because he knew in his heart it was the wrong thing to do. He proves to everyone that he is devoted to his own conscience and beliefs. Thomas is compassionate, caring, and honest throughout the movie. Thomas Cromwell is a sharp lawyer who was against Thomas More. Cromwell is evil and will do anything to put down Thomas More. Richard Rich at first is Thomas More’s friend, but the quickly rises through the ranks of British society. He was first an assistant to Norfolk and then he befriends Cromwell. Richard has many opportunities that can protect his friendships, or sacrifice his morals for wealth, but most of the time, he chooses himself over his friends.

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Five qualities and characteristics of St. Thomas More is that he is very religious, a family man, stubborn, caring, and honest. All of these are presented throughout the movie, he is very religious because he stands up to his beliefs when everyone is against him. He is a family man and caring because he tells his family that their is danger and that they should leave town. He is stubborn because he did not sign the treaty even though if he did, he would still have lived a normal life. Lastly, he is honest because he tells the truth and stands up for his beliefs and not many people can do that.

St. Thomas More’s defense of the teachings of the Catholic Church was to defend the faith and to not betray God. He defends the word of God and it is worth it because Thomas sacrifices himself. At the end, everyone worked against him and they either die or their lives became nothing.

The modern society can learn from St. Thomas More that to be always true to yourself and to always fight for what you believe in no matter what the outcome is. To go after the right thing even if everyone is against it, do it for yourself and never give up.

The quote, “What are the principles for which I would give your life?” means to me that it questions “what would it take for me to sacrifice myself?” It questions what we would do for what we believe in and if we would sacrifice ourselves for death.

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