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Individualism in Modernism

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In this post-colonial world, we live in, an old philosophy such as Individualism can still be used by scholars of philosophy and social sciences to interpret the world. The ideology of individualism denotes that the individual life has a place with him and that he has a basic idea to live it as he sees fit, to follow up on their own judgment, to keep and utilize the result of his exertion, and to seek after the estimations based on his personal preference. The thought the individual is sovereign, an end in himself, and the crucial unit of good distress (Moore, 2015:17).

Individualism. Is a philosophy, political theory, belief system, or societal viewpoint that accentuates, the entire individual. Moreover, Individualism advances the. the activity of the individual objectives and wants thus appreciation of freedom. and independence and. Supporter, that interests of the individual accomplish priority. over the state, or a social group while. At the. same time contradicting outside.obstruction upon individual own. society or. organizations, for example, the government's structures. Additionally, Individualism is regularly, characterized as opposed tyranny, cooperation, and increasingly. corporate social structures (Combrink, 2015:17).

Individualism philosophy depends on atomistic metaphysics implying that what exists is developed by its most fundamental (smallest) components. Connected to society, these components or 'atoms' are individuals. As indicated by individualism, individuals exist first and afterward make social groupings and societies. This view surmises the misrepresented autonomy of people to make and break contracts (Heyns, 2002:54. As a general rule, individuals have significantly less power (for example decision of family). Heyns again contends for a progressively complementary connection among individuals and gatherings. Individualism brought some beneficial things to present-day advancement of science and innovation liberal popular government (Heyns, 2002:54). Yet, in addition, identified with innovation and bureaucracy of present-day states expanded disengagement and depression loss of importance.

Although individualism philosophy is concerned with the power of the state over the individual it also sees the need for the state to play a role in society in development and management issues including law, security, and general government developments. Individualism fulfills the social side of an individual by methods of agreement hypothesis this assumes the individual surrenders portions of his capacity to the group thus people now and then feel weak opposite the state According to individualism, individuals exist first and then create groups (Heyns, 2002:54). The same notion is applied in this context philosophers such as John Locke advocated that there are natural rights or rather god given rights which inter alia possession of the property, life and liberty and the state should not encroach on those rights but rather act as an arbiter to safeguard this rights (Locke & Yolton, 2002). John Locke portrayed the social contract as authoritative on individuals. He included Allman, by consenting by groups by providing body politic under one government, puts individuals under a commitment to every individual of that society to submit to by assurance within larger part (Locke and Yolton, 2002). Under this agreement, the existence of government is legitimized upon the evidence of assent. Critically, the general population has intermittent chances to re-establish the government's command or choose an option (Heyns, 2002:54). The legislature additionally consents to work as per characteristic law and to maintain our rights while the general population acknowledges the government's power. Besides, the general population may likewise agree to some abridgment of their common freedoms given they hold the alternative of recovering such rights. Finally, Individuals are fearlessly optimistic about the limit with regard to human accomplishment and individual development under the state.

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Finally, the Individualism philosophy empowers political pioneers and social gatherings to participate in and present social changes and political changes. Strength to create life as indicated by an individual’s plan is genuine happiness (Heyns, 2002:54). Finding other people who need to associate in the philosophy of shared advantage, instead of sentiments of commitment or superficiality. Basically, assuming individual liability for individuals' very own activities can influence things to appear to be progressively difficult. Be that as it may, at last, this rationality encourages you to really value individual achievement. Additionally, it causes you to discover more of an incentive in individualism that can help other individuals, and look for a reason consequently. The final product is generally speaking more an incentive in everybody's lives (Combrink, 2015:17). The way is picked by individuals, in light of your actual interests. What is more, your associations remain with individuals really fit for individuals, in light of the fact which are neither one individuals will draw in is it cannot be justified, despite any potential benefits.

Modernists are individuals that are in support of the demographic of modernism and how it can be effective within management studies. One term relating to modernism is Ontology and this can be seen in relation to the existence of reality. Modernism comes through traditional aspects of creation and innovation which can be supported by modernists because it’s a form of believability. Ontology can be concerned with realism, quantitative, and positivism through modernist relations. Realism can be the traditional ways of how management is perceived and how it is brought up, also the extent of how real it is. This can be seen in an organizational environment such as traditional rules and regulations that have been used in previous decades. The behavior of members within an organization can be affected by the realistic approach of modernism and how adaptions of traditions have been implemented.

Another Ontological approach is the quantitative style of how members within organizations can be affected through the relation of modernism. A traditional modernism approach is to be efficient as possible within the work environment, just like when Fredrick Taylor Winslow created this in his scientific management ideology with the placement of different workers in different areas. Efficiency through a quantitative approach within an organizational environment can be to hit sales targets and make sure the individuals can reach the organizational needs. Quantitative are numerical variables that can be presented as facts and this can be related to the modernist approach to reality.

The behavior of members of organizations can act accordingly to the tradition of modernists such as becoming efficient, finding truth and reality through reason and logic within the organizational needs, and improving performance which can provide better results for the organization. The motivation to work faster and harder can be seen in individuals due to these traditional methods of modernism.

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