Irony In The Judgement At Nuremberg, A Rose For Emily And The Wall

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The irony is a literary technique that and in our every story, it is used very well.

In The Wall, there is situational irony. When the prosecution occurs and they all sentenced to death. Pablo Ibietta starts to think that life is meaningless and existing does not make any sense for him. Then he decides to fool their guardians and wants to have fun before gone. He tells guardians that Ramon Grill is hiding in the graveyard, but when he says this he knows the true place of what Ramon Grill is hiding. At the end of the story he finds out Ramon Grill is really hiding in the graveyard. “I laughed so hard the tears came to my eyes,” says Pablo Ibietta at the end of the story. He reacts unexpectedly in this case and doing this the writer Sartre summarizes the irony spectacularly. This coincidence leads to an ironic resolution because although Pablo has cheated death, he feels he is already dead. This kind of an ending leaves us with curiosity whether or not he truly knew Ramon was in the cemetery, also whether Pablo was executed or not. Because he does not share his emotions when he heard to Ramon was in the cemetery. He just laughs.

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Just like in The Wall there is also a situational irony In A Rose For Emily. The shocking end of the story is totally ironic. After Emily’s funeral, Jefferson people go into Emily’s house and break down the door to the bedroom. They are astonished what they saw when they entered the room. There is Homer Barron’s decayed body in the bed beside Emily’s grey hair. In the meantime, the room also seems like a wedding room. When reading the story, it is really annoying that they firstly complain about the smell, when it actually smells a dead body. Then Homer Barron is vanquished after Emily taking the rat poison. Then the people of Jefferson cannot put them together until the breaking down the door. The whole time they just think that he had left and she was alone, but she really had him with his entire life. This is the actual irony, I think. At first, it sounds ridiculous when you think about it, but with taking into the consideration to the circumstances of post seventeen Jefferson it sounds to be comprehensible. People do not even think about to blame because of Emily’s noble ancestry. Unlike her, Homer was a Yankee.

Unlike the others, there is no exact irony in the movie. Nevertheless, the judge who is under the pressure of not only his own countries’ politics but also the German people carries out what is written in the law. He sentences of life imprisonment for the defendants. He does not care what the others expect. The only person who respects his decision becomes Ernst Janning, who sentenced to life imprisonment. Even though confessed to the crime, he is waiting to hear a word that salve his conscience.“I didn't know it would come to this. You must believe it.” he says. “It came to that the first time you sentenced a man to death you knew to be innocent,” says Judge Haywood to Ernst Janning. This is what the irony in the movie. On the other hand, the actual irony is our human being's life I think. As Herr Rolfe said at the end of the movie “In five years, the men he sentenced to life imprisonment is released”. This is the irony itself.

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