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Is American Dream Still Possible: Essay

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America provides opportunities for people who work hard, undocumented people who work hard are given more opportunities and access to the American dream. The American Dream is possible for some people in certain classes, however, everything isn’t given to most people to have access to American Dream, and aren’t given certain opportunities.

The American dream essay shows hard-working people that are only given opportunities, but everything about the American dream isn’t true. Roosevelt states “ the richness of the promise has not run out. If we keep the faith for our day as those who care about before we kept the faith for theirs… (Roosevelt 9)”. Everything Roosevelt states, is to keep hope for America, and then you will get the American Dream, but everything that he’s saying is not true, because after trying and trying again, people start to lose hope. Roosevelt grew up with a wealthy family, and achieved everything he wanted, he chose to use that gift and became a well-known person in America, it just took time for him to achieve his American dream. America has changed through time before immigrants who came to the U.S. were given some opportunity, and now they can’t because America is different now, the world is treating people unfairly. In Let America be great again, speaker 2, “there’s more never been equality for more nor freedom in this, homeland of the knee (Hughes 38). In Langston Hughes's article, there are a pair of speakers, 1st speaker is giving hope that the American Dream is possible, but the 2nd speaker states is describing certain people who didn’t end with fortune and wealth. People who work for the country and give pride in their American flag might end with nothing because America doesn’t give equal rights to some people/immigrants, and aren’t given second chances. Certain people who come to the U.S., are given luck and aren't given a chance to achieve their dream.

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People that work hard and give everything, are sometimes tossed/drown around. These people are examples that they weren’t given the opportunity because of the situation they were given at their job. Understanding these peoples’ stories of their American dream; how problems were made, which didn’t end with hope/happiness. In, “Is the American Dream still possible?”, , “The traditional American Dream is based on the belief that hard-working citizens can better their lives… But many average Americans are struggling (David 90).” David is using data, asking about people's situations/perspectives on their American dream, and putting the results together. For some people, David’s story, some achieved their American dream and some didn't. The American Dream dumped some people that worked very hard and weren’t given another chance. In the Great Gatsby, Nick says “some beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past… (gatsby 180).” The Great Gatsby gives a perspective of Gatsby's American Dream. People spend their life to love someone and trying to accomplish this “dream” when something came unexpected for them and died. He spent his whole life giving everything to his past love life, which he needed to move forward and pick another part of his life. People shouldn't spend their whole lives focusing on one dream but should focus on many. If we are only focusing on one, we might not end up having that American dream but should have a different choice.

Life is treated unfairly to some people, you figure your whole life out. Immigrants aren't given some opportunities because they weren't born in America, and aren’t given opportunities. In the story “Let America be America again'' the speaker says, “I'm the man who saved those early seas in search of a home”. Speaker 2 is stating that this person gave loyalty to his country, but in return, he didn't achieve his American Dream, the society didn’t give him a chance. People were shot/dropped down, and when accomplishing their mission of trying to make America a good place, they get nothing in return. However, in the story “Growing up Asian in America”, Kesaya says, “ Our parents are painted as ashamed workers who were socially uncomfortable… (10). The girl's parents were immigrants and they didn't know what to do when they to America. Her parents came to America for an opportunity, so started to work to live a good life, from all their hard-working, it got them home. All people do is work hard to accomplish some goals. Immigrants need to work for what they want.

The American Dream is where people need to take action in able to achieve their dream. The American dream is about people in certain social classes, being allowed to achieve their dream. Being a diligent person may give themselves a chance to achieve their American Dream. But the American Dream has become unsafe for the money. Money can buy you everything but it won’t give you happiness.

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