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Is Hypertension Hereditary?

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Hypertension is one of leading illnesses in America: one out of every three Americans has this traitor disease. If you have blood pressure which is higher than normal, stroke and heart attack is only an inch closer, and you may never know when it hits you. There are hardly any high blood pressure symptoms to look out for, that’s why it helps to always be at check for your blood pressure regularly.

If you have parents, relatives or family members with high blood pressure, then you better be careful. Having high blood pressure is even tougher to deal with than the acquired cases. If you feel you’ve inherited your H B from your family, then you better exert extra effort in getting rid of it.

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If you are reading this, then you most likely have to tell your relatives or family members to read this, too. It’s always best to work for a common cause with a group, even better with a family. Below are some of the guidelines on how to eliminate hypertension in your family.

  • Exercise- Probably the best way to eliminate high blood pressure. If your hypertension is inherited, exercise becomes a must-do. For those who are overweight, they can try low-to-mid energy impact exercises to not raise the heart rate dramatically. Also, it’s best to be exercising with the family for company.
  • Lose that Weight- Extra weight is nothing but trouble, so you have to get rid of it and fast. It is highly important that you keep your diet healthy. Reducing your weight is not also healthy, but it also improves your physical attributes, too. It helps to have a family regulating the food around the house.
  • Avoid Stress- Stressful situations raise the blood pressure dramatically. Piles of paperwork, a family emergency, or tension in the area can lead to a more serious development. To get rid of it, have a sense of humor, relax and do not overly stress yourself. Having a good atmosphere at home can remedy your stress, that’s why it really helps if you have good family ties.
  • Avoid Sodium- Avoid eating too much food that is high in sodium. Sodium cause the arteries to swell up, or make the blood thicker than normal, which makes it more difficult for the heart to pump blood, and in turn, strains the heart.
  • Avoid Smoking- Smoking is never good. It stiffens the arteries, pollutes your lungs, and many more. If you want to live a longer life, you better stop smoking. Same goes for your relatives, too.
  • Consult your doctor regularly- The key to victory against diseases and ailments is a good medical advice from the people who really know about these medical conditions: the doctors. They know what to do best and will keep you at check in your progress. It also helps if you take prescribed medicine, to hasten your recovery.

It is really tough battling hypertension, most especially the inherited ones, but if you as a family battle that problem, nothing can go wrong.

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