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Journal Critique of Short-Term Memory Capacity

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An absence of exploration about the short-term memory of intellectually gifted students added to the need for this investigation. In the event that a presence of contrasts between mentally, general, and different students is seen, it would profit the educational system to know where the memory’s qualities and shortcomings of individual students lay. Not only would the information on such data would be beneficial for the student, however the information would also add benefits to the accomplishment of instructional conveyance and assessment as well as academic and vocation direction of the student.

The reason for this investigation is to inspect the short-term memory of intellectually gifted students. In particular, it tries to decide whether there are contrasts in the memory of skilled students, general training students, and students receiving specialized education services.

The method the researchers of this study used for the collection of data was a presentation of the lined-up word list was via Microsoft PowerPoint. They used Computational Analysis of Present-Day American English by Kucera and Francis’ (1967) which is also used in serial position effect researches. To maintain its random integrity, the presentations were prepared with five random word list. Words were then shown in intervals and after the presentation, the participants were given the chance to write as many words as they can recall. Some written or recalled words that were not on the list and was immediately reported.

Statistically, there was no significant effect found between general education students and gifted education groups. Intellectually gifted students recalled .12 more words than general education students. On the other hand, results were significantly found between gifted education and special education. The students with gifted education recalled numerically 1.37 more words than those getting special education services. Finally, based on the data gathered, there was also a significant difference between general education students and students receiving special education services.

Generally, results has shown that there is not enough contrast between the general education students and intellectually gifted students upon the data collected. On the other hand, the difference between students who receive special education services and general education and intellectually gifted education was large enough difference to generate results. There was also a small increase in the number of total remembered words for the intellectually gifted students. This information can add knowledge and contribute about memory that is crucial to support each group to execute better. Thus, this memory approach should be considered in daily practices for the benefits of all the learners. One final thought is that in addition to the fact that it is significant for teachers to understand the effect of misunderstanding challenged students, guardians additionally will have an advantage from knowing the genuine qualities of mentally challenged students.

The title of the study is brief and informative. However, it does not clearly show the impact of short-term memory capacity on the intellectually gifted students and general education students. Furthermore, it is not clearly stated what are the age range of the students that were chosen for the study.

According to the researcher lack of research about short term memory of students who are intellectually gifted and generally educated students helped to the need for this study to be conducted. The educational system of the certain place will benefit from its results if presence of differences between different kinds of students or learners in general and present. it would benefit the country’s educational system to distinguish the strengths and weaknesses of every learner. not only the results but having such knowledge could help a student.

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The problem of the study clearly stated that it will also be personally helpful for students, the data that will be gathered will be advantageous to the success of college and career orientation of the student. This study aims to examine the short-term memory of intellectually gifted students and generally educated learner. it aims to determine if there is statistically significant difference in their memory and specifically short-term memory

The Hypothesis of the study was clearly stated, there is a statistically significant difference in the short-term memory between the two subjects which is the intellectually gifted students and general education students studying at the Southern part of Mississippi. The second hypothesis stated that students who are intellectually gifted and general education students’ short-term memory has a statistical significant difference. And for the null hypothesis they stated that there is no statistical significant difference between the students’ short-term memory when receiving special student services. The independent and dependent variable, the independent variable in the study is Short-term memory while the dependent variable fo the study are the intellectually gifted student and general education students.

This study provides four related literatures that is relevant and sufficient to the study which are ‘Short-term memory Defined and Short-term Memory Model’, ‘Working Memory Defined and the Working Memory Model’, ‘Long-term memory’, and Free recall and Serial Position Effect’. The purpose of the study was to conduct a critical analysis of the data percentage of recall to determine in what group remembered more than the other group. The short-term meory was examined through tests, and data was analyzed by looking at the dfferences in th two said groups. And to determine the differences between short-term memory of the intellectually gifted and generally educated student when receiving special education services.

To address the relevance of the discussion to the purpose of the study. The researcher clearly stated the purpose of the present study is to examine the short-term memory intellectually gifted students and generally educated students. According to the discussion the method that was utilized in this study for collection of data was a presentation of the lined-up words via Microsoft Power Point, the type of platform that was used may somehow affect the data gathered by the research since the participants were too young to understand Microsoft resulting into impaired quality of the results. The participants that were gathered aren’t also equally divided. This study is comparing two different groups, so it must have two equal number of participants in a group. The data that were collected from participants are from different districts in southeastern Mississippi. District A got 235 number of participants while district B only got 226 number of participants.

The researcher was objective in writing the study the decisions were made based on legal and empirical evidence through collecting data and analyzing it using the proper statistical tool. The researcher wrote the study without allowing her personal interest and values affect her judgement and thinking.

In terms of human behavior, short-term memory also known as working memory is a stage of memory which can hold information for up to a minute or so after the trace of the stimulus decays. In the article, they focused more on the differences of short-term memory capacity between 3 variables that resulted in this memory approach to be considered in daily practices for the benefits of all the learners.

In the module, it is stated that memory is triggered when a certain experience is being right at that moment. Which also in this article, despite the small chance of getting reliable results, the researchers made sure that it is quantifiable by utilizing word lists as presentations as a tool for measuring short-term memory. Being right at that moment and testing each child’s working memory. The article stated that STM is the stage of memory that is initiated by a sensory perception and maintains roughly 8 items of information for a range of 0-18 seconds.

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