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Judaism, Christianity, Islam And Building Peace

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Judaism, Christianity and Islam are similar in that they all believe that God showed himself to Abraham. Each believe that there is only one God and conceive God to be the Creator and the foundation of law that is fundamentally moral. There is consistency in their religious texts with many of the identical figures, similar histories, and places. They are sometimes are presented with dissimilar roles, viewpoints and meanings.

In Judaism, Christianity and Islam, God and the universe are vastly distinct from each other. All of the Abrahamic religions have faith in a judging, patriarchal god where individuals and nature are inferior. With all of the religions, individuals do not seek redemption by considering the natural world but by looking to satisfy God and have godly revelation as outside of oneself.

In respect of Judaism, people believe that with God’s assistance that any challenge can be overcome and each day they can become a person who is improved. They also believe that God created each individual and that they move closer to God by the choices that they make. Individuals should not harm each other but instead strive to do acts of kindness for others and help them. In Judaism, individuals should study Torah and increase their faith in God.

With respect to Christianity, individuals tend to stay connected to God through Jesus Christ. Christians remain faithful through persecution and should repel any false doctrines. The most distinctive factor of the Christian Life is to live by faith. Individuals become Christian through their continued deep faith in Jesus Christ.

In Islam, an individual’s day to day life revolves their belief in the Quran. People who follow Islam are submissive to God. Anyone can become Islamic and they follow what God states closely.

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One misconception of Judaism is that Jews believe in Heaven and Hell. For Jewish followers, it isn’t about whether they believe where you go after you die but instead how you have lived your life. Jews do not believe in Hell as is put forward by other Religions, instead they believe that the soul is cleansed for around 12 months before entering Heaven.

People could be open to discrimination by being refused to enter a restaurant if they are wearing a hijab or turban. Businesses may try to make all their employees dress in a particular manner by not allowing them to wear clothing that is part of their faith.

Judaism, Christianity and Islam all have traditions and practices that have spiritual and moral foundations that support peace as well as promoting social justice fundamentals and helping reconciliation. Greater Harmony is produced toward humanity as a result. All three of the Abrahamic faiths support and believe in mercy as well as forgiveness. These qualities are vital in search for resolutions to conflicts. People of faith have a lot in common, in particular, spirituality. A shared factor for religion is to develop “honest, loving, holistic relationships with God and with your neighbours”. From this all religions can help develop peaceful relationships where there is no violence and where reconciliation is a major goal.

The Catholic Church teaches that people should cooperate together to achieve peace. I feel that this is very important in Life and especially with respect of having little or no violence in society. I think that people of different religions should work together and be positive and constructive to make a better society. People should come together with their spiritual beliefs, as individuals and as groups, to conquer Hate and violence at all levels of society. All individuals should accept each other for who they are and what they believe in, instead of challenging each other over their beliefs.

The Catholic Church tries to form relationships between lots of different religious groups. The Catholic Church is always trying to promote awareness and educate all communities about the diverse types of faiths and cultures and the importance of Catholicism. Lasallians are great at supporting respect toward one another no matter what religion you follow or your beliefs. They are more interested in respecting each other and trying to help students to have a good moral base. They also are great at promoting helping others with acts of kindness, especially for those who need it the most like the poor and the homeless.

I believe that religion can be a strong influence on people’s lives through their belief and faith. I feel that religion could bring positive changes to our society by building relationships and creating peace. We should respect all other religions and understand that there are differences however God created us all as Human Beings in God’s image. It’s really important to build relationships through trust with each other and with all religions. I believe that religion should be one of the main factors in nurturing harmony among all people on Earth.

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