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Lack of Human Interaction in Communication as One of the Effects of Technology: An Essay

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Communication has changed greatly in the past twenty years. There have been very significant technological advances that has enabled communication to advance. For instance, the only way of talking if you were not face to face with a person was by telephone. Not an ordinary smartphone, but a phone connected to the network. Sometimes it was just easy to go over to the person’s house to talk since most people had more than one landline at their homes. Which means that only one person could talk on the phone due to the fact every phone was connected and you couldn’t call three different people on three different landlines. Another thing is, there were no such thing as texting on phones. The technology wasn’t as advanced to where phones can receive and send texts in less than a second. Back then, the mobile cellular phone did not come with cameras or any other apps other than the ability to call another person and talk. That’s one of the problems with regular phones nowadays that I don’t like. People prefer to text since it is quick and easy and it’s not a hassle. But sometimes I miss the days where when you want to talk to someone, you just picked up the phone and called them. It’s just my opinion, but still there is not enough human interaction. And as for the Internet, people are used to Wi-Fi and wireless connectability. The Internet back then consisted of a very heavy desktop computer with dial-up. Thinking about these things makes me glad about the modern conveniences that are available today.

There have been a lot of significant advances in modern technology. This in turn has allowed to communication to advance as well. The first wireless cellphone was created in 1973 and it weighed about two and one-fifth pounds. However, the first commercially available mobile phone was not released until ten years later. This model that was available was the Motorola DynaTAC 8000x, the first of the DynaTAC series of mobile cellphones. This is the first cellphone that was able to be independent of any cords for a power source or any cords to connect to a mobile carrier to make your call. With this, people could now carry on their conversations while on the road as long as it was less than thirty minutes. That was the only drawback to the 8000x, it had a limited conversation span. And also, if you charged its battery too long, it would get too hot and have minor malfunctions. Nowadays, you can charge any smartphone for any length of time and it will not get hot. Also, you can have a conversation of any length of time without having to wait to continue your conversation after thirty minutes. Smartphones can also send text messages, something that very early mobile phones could not do.

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A cellphone or smartphone has become a modern convenience and for some, a necessity. Mainly because it allows people to be able to communicate without being face-to-face with the person. Mobile carriers have made it to where a person can communicate with anyone from around the globe for a price. And many phones have memory/data on it to where it can remember phone numbers along with their name and e-mail address, so dialing a number is virtually easy and can be done within seconds. This makes checking up on relatives easier and allows for convenience for both parties. SMS messages, or texts, make it possible for those quick reminders or a short message to a person when you’re busy. Any text message can be sent in less than a minute, no matter how long it is. However, there is one drawback to cellphones: the lack of human interaction. A text message cannot convey your sincerest thoughts or your anger for something the person did. It is easy to mistake one emotion for another when you are texting. So, a simple text like “I love you” can be without feeling because the person is conveying it without actually saying it to you. Talking to a person via phone call is much easier when it comes down to holding a conversation with someone. You can hear the other person and actually tell what they’re feeling. A text cannot show that. But it depends on which is more convenient for the person at the time.

The Internet holds many things, and it has been evolving ever since its creation. In recent times, it has developed a thing called ‘video calling’. Video calling enables a person to call another person by way of their computer. If the person is available, then the two people will see each other and have a conversation as if the two were there in person with each other. Many people like this kind of communication if they have the tools for it because it enables you to see the person without having to spend money for a trip to see them. And with gas prices nowadays, it seems cheaper to use the Internet for conversation. Yes, it might be in your best interests to go see the person in person, it depends on the reason to do things. I personally prefer to go see a person, but it may depend on financial situations for other people. Video chatting may not be the best option for some, but it might be ideal for others. Some might think that video chatting costs money, but there are plenty of sites that offer it for free, for instance, Skype. Skype allows a person to use their services to video chat with another. It will tell you if your contacts are online or if they are busy at the moment.

Communication has changed greatly in the past twenty years. Recent advancement has enabled communication to advance. For instance, many different options have become available for communication like texting, calling or video chatting. Texting and calling have a fee for their services to be used, while video chatting is free as long as you have Internet. These services are used to communicate over long distances and can help a person keep in touch with family. Each were designed with convenience in mind and for the person’s comfort. These services have some drawbacks but have more positives than those drawbacks. If you are a person that enjoys going to see relatives and prefers old-fashioned conversation, these services are not for you. If you like to keep in touch with a person on a daily basis, but cannot afford daily trips, then one of these services might be your cup of tea. But it all comes back to convenience and what type of interaction you prefer. These types of communication are all with its benefits and disadvantages. And I’m glad technology has advanced communication to the way we use it today.

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