Essay About Effects of Technology on Relationships

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A tool that advances the world we live in, which brought a huge impact to our lives-technology. From the Stone Age, where first tool-makers created tools with stones as a defense to AI and VR for our convenience and entertainment, technology has evolved throughout history. Technology is becoming more and more enlightened, but crimes have been adding up since. Technology makes communication more effective, but weakens verbal communication. We use technology in different aspects of our lives, including relationships. Technology in political relationships, for instance, have political figures that can promote themselves to others, but on the bad side, it can cause war, through technology. Ergo, technology can bring both benefits and disadvantages to relationships.

One of the relationships that have been greatly impacted by technology is definitely business relationships. By trading or commercial business, technology has both derailed it and advanced it-depending on how it is used. During the past, transporting trading goods used transportations like ships or fleets. In the present, transportations have been improving so that we can use jets to trade products. Promoting one’s product was done verbally or through posters in the past, unlike now, which uses social media to advertise a product. Thus, technology has both helped advance and obstruct business relationships. With the advancement in transportation, transporting is faster in speed. Because of it being more convenient, doing business with other people who are far away would strongly be encouraged, which business relationships can be built more often. Not only that, with technology, communication is unlimited, which we are able to create a healthy bond with our business partners. More relationships amongst countries have also been built, for example, China and Japan. Though, with the advanced transportations we have now, reliability and security are hard to find. Some might want to deceive others for money, which can make the other side lose trust in their business relationship. Also, because most of the communication in business is done through communication technology, the relationship might not be as effective or healthy as it is when done directly (meeting in real life). An example, that due to the lack of trust, relationship has been obstructed, is the trade war between China and the US (which used to be trading partners).

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War relationships are also one of the relationships that have been hugely influenced by technology. During the past, technology has been used for war to know an enemy’s location for attack and own armies’ location for defense. Technology has also been used to create precise weapons, such as the Colossus, ENIAC, and many more. As technology advances, armies are able to communicate with others even through military simulations, which were used by British armies for war preparations. Which, advantages and disadvantages of technology in war relationships are to be found. With technology evolving, we are able to create war relationships through communication and military simulations. Military simulations need collaboration and communication to be done, for, by playing war-related games to prepare for war, teamwork is needed. A study by QUT has also proven that video games can actually help build healthy relationships amongst people. Not only that, with designing weapons by technology together, people are able to make a bond. Though, because of technology, the military can track anyone’s location through GPS anytime. This causes armies to be more careful, or growing suspicions amongst others, making them distant. Also, with playing games that are violent through technology or participating in war, armies might be more violent, making them harder to create relationships with other armies. This was proven by research and also in 2015, APA published a policy statement that states playing violent video games leads people to be more aggressive in behaviors and moods.

Another relationship, which is the one that anyone can relate to social relationships. Communication was mostly done verbally or through telegraphs that enabled long distance communication. Before, technology (like computers) was more limited, making it hard to keep in touch with people. After a few years, the telephone was discovered which people started using to transmit messages. As technology keeps evolving, people communicate with different types of communication technology that has apps like video call, WhatAapp, etc., that enables us to talk and connect with others, including video games and transportations. Hence, technology has helped improve social relationships and also created unhealthy ones. Since we are able to communicate unlimitedly in different ways because of technology, connecting with others is more convenient. Also, through social media like Instagram and online games, people are able to create relationships with others by sharing the same interests or hobbies. This can be proven by a PhD at Rutgers University that stated: “People who use social networks tend to have more relationships than others”. Even so, technology can also act as a distraction to our lives from creating relationships with other people. People tend to spend more time on social media and games rather than having real life communication with their family or friends. In addition, there have been many instances of cyberbullying that causes people to lose trust in others, causing them to isolate themselves from others. Based on a report from Harford County Examiner, around 50% teens have been victims of online bullying.

In conclusion, technology affects us in different relationships. In business relationships, technology helps promote trading or other business involving others, making countries to have more relationships with other countries. Yet, it can also cause the loss of trust and reliability in their business partners. Through war relationships, by war simulations, armies are able to communicate and collaborate with others. Although, they can be more unsociable due to their aggressiveness. With sharing the same interests, social relationships can be formed. But it can be harmed, as technology is also a distraction-avoiding us to connect with others. Therefore, technology can both enhance and harm our relationships with others.

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