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The Negative Effects of Technology on Communication: An Essay

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The evolution of technology has changed the society in a positive and a negative way and it has a great impact on communication in our time Mechanical advancement has strongly affected the manner in which society discusses, especially with its speeding up over the most recent couple of hundreds of years, in this essay we will going to talk mainly about the negative side of the impacts of innovation on communication in present day society.

Communication is a necessary part of everyone’s life. The use of technology can be a great help to people in communicating, lessening the time it takes. Be that as it may, innovation can have results of diminishing individual to-individual association without the gadget as an intermediary.

Social media have been an unrest in how individuals plan occasions and speak with each other, instead of talking to friends they can just post about their plans and daily plans, The revolution of social media has enabled individuals to revive companionships, make new companions and addition new interests.

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Text messaging additionally has its own language, a condensed type of discourse that has discovered its way into homerooms and organizations. Individuals are bound to haul out their telephone and start messaging while at the same time sitting at the table for supper or while having a discussion face to face. The activities of messaging may appear to be impolite under traditional social standards, leading to misunderstandings.

While technology has made it easier than ever to connect with people, it has its downsides. While PC communication can help people get through holes and access remote data, it can open up a person's security more than they need to. In a face-to-face meeting, the information will remain confidential and will not be leaked when using email texts, etc. There is a record of what people say. Data is not just thrown into the air like discourse, but stored as a permanent record.

The minds of children resemble clear pages. As we realize that the age of this period has an elevated level of mastery. Their mind enables them to fill those pages quick with the given data. Such data can be extricated from books and other instructive materials, as well as from games, television programs and messaging. Presently, an ever-increasing number of individuals are associating with others through various stages like applications, Internet games, informal communities, and so on. This progression has hampered the physical connection abilities of children. Because of that they don't have a clue how to associate with others when they meet them face to face or what signal they should give.

To summarize all of the above, we can say that while technology has improved communication, it has made it easier and faster, but it has also made it more complex and less understandable. But we should not forget that everything depends on how we use the influence of technology on communication for good purposes, and not abuse them. Awareness is extremely important.

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