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Teen Dependence on Technology and How to Prevent It

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There are several types of addictions, but what’s more terrifying than an addiction that’s right in front of your face 24/7? Technology is comparable to a drug because most people depend on technology as if life is unbearable without it. In the 21st century, technology has become one of the necessities, but spending an unreasonable amount of time causes negative outcomes. Adolescents encounter technology addiction because apps are designed to make us addicted. Every time a teen sends a message, passes a game level, gets a like on an Instagram post our brains crave the activity being presented. Technology has a countless number of negative effects especially with teens that occur every day and in the long run, but addiction can be avoided by adjusting to healthier routines.

Technology is the new platform for recurring problems for teens. HelpGuide, a website that gives evidence-based research on mental health and wellness, empowered that teens develop tech addictions because teenagers use phones as emotional support to soothe inner problems such as anxiety, social interactions, depression, and bullying. Teens don’t realize that the ‘solution’ they created for emotional problems makes the situation worse. This shows that teenagers aren’t capable of being emotionally stable because they seem to use the Internet as their excuse. Teenagers don’t realize the devastating outcomes of relying on a fake connection from a device that isn’t quite dependable. CPR news used research from the National Center of Biotechnology which showed, technology has the capability to over release dopamine levels. The increase in dopamine levels is addictive because it satisfies the mental health needs of adolescents. This results in teens having social isolation issues that trigger teens to turn on their phones to seem normal. This corroborates that adolescents’ brains are wired to technology usage which allows technology to have an advantage over adolescents. Teenagers will have to fight a battle to overcome technology addiction, but the obstacles that come with it in the future might encourage teens to cut down on screen time.

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There are many short and long term disadvantages that come with staring at a screen for too long. Harvard Health Publishing reported that acquiring the skills of texting, emailing, and surfing the web causes surprising side effects in a short amount of time. This includes hand pain from texting, hand numbness from typing on a keyboard, and neck and back pains from looking down. This illustrates that spending long hours being constantly active on electronic devices can cause problems for your body physically. Digital Responsibility, a group of Silicon Valley tech employees who share the consequences of technology declared, teens that are obsessed with electronics can result in mental problems such as getting distracted easily, being self-conceited and getting depression. They overly announced that technology causes opposing physical effects like vision and hearing problems. This proves technology has a big impact on teenagers in unexpected ways not just physically but mentally as well. Furthermore, this affects teens in ways teenagers shouldn’t have to deal with in their adult ages. Overall, there are loads of damaging effects from being obsessed with your touch screens, but thankfully there are techniques to prevent and solve this issue.

Millions of teenagers have been overpowered by technology, but every addiction can be cured with a remedy. The Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, the nation’s largest nonprofit treatment provider informed, preventing technology isn’t all about finding a way to get rid of it. To prevent technology addiction means to find a balance between social Internet life and reality. The foundation gave teens ideas to ‘balance’ technology addictions by providing healthy highs such as hanging out with friends and advising parents to help discover who their teenager is. This confirms that it is possible to find a way to limit your technology usage. Teenagers just need to find a healthier way to distract them from their phones such as reading, playing a sport, coloring, yoga, dancing, boxing, and baking. Mindful Schools, a website that alerts teens to be in a healthier mindset noted, teenagers have to learn when and where to use their phones and to control how much time is spent on phones. They suggested putting electronics away when communicating with someone because it creates a better connection between the people. The site also recommended having a timer in certain apps that take up your time because it’ll allow teens not to waste an absurd amount of time. This underlines that teenagers can make a difference by altering their days with mini suggestions, so they can have better relationships and have more time to do useful things. Teenagers’ dependence on technology can be dodged if teens put their minds into it.

Teenagers spend a third of their lifetime obsessing over a weapon that’s practically a brain killer for adolescents. Technology has the power over teens by causing negative consequences that teens need to learn to balance. It is evident that adolescents go through an ongoing obsession with technology, and they need to learn how to control their emotional well-being. No doubt constantly staring at a screen causes an unfavorable impact on teenager’s physical, mental, and emotional health. The negative effects make it difficult for everyday basis activities and activities with time to come. Teens need to find themselves a balance for the amount of time their face is planted on a phone screen. Teenagers we only live once, and time is something we can never get back. Time is precious and shouldn’t be wasted on pointless apps.

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