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Essay on Addiction as One of the Main Dangers of the Internet

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Nowadays with the development of technology people use the Internet for having access to plenty of information which can keep them entertained, up to date and being in contact with others in the social networks (Flora, 2015). Most people believe that they cannot continue their life without this technology. This statement has people lives addicted spending their time to use this technology. Addiction is one of the most significant dangers of the Internet, because it has an extremely negative impact on people in family, health and financial matters.

First of all, Internet addiction had negative effects because it leads the family to face a variety of norms. First, sometimes parents with Internet addictions lead to them influencing their children. For example, according to the lecture ‘What You Need to Know About Internet Addiction’ given by Yonge (2015), most parents have been addicted to Facebook which is the most popular social network among people. Facebook has led some mothers to forget picking up their kids from school or forget to cook food for them, and sometimes parents have the problem with “screen time at the table”, because each single member leads to reduce the conversation among family’s member with looking at cellphones screen at the table. Therefore, sometimes Internet addiction will change the job fate of parents. For instance, there are a lot of accessible pornography sites, that everyone can access without any obstacle. According to the Workopolis website is given by Grosman (2011), “transmitting, viewing or storing inappropriate or unprofessional harassing, offensive, obscene or slanderous material using Maritime Paper Products’ computer resources is strictly prohibited”. This statement shows that if these persons were caught by their boss, they will lose their job. Also, another negative effect is Internet addiction increases the number of divorces in families. Young (2015) states in her lecture about her husband’s friend who spent plenty of hours each week and finally their marriage finished in divorce because he started reaching women by chatting in online chatrooms. As she continued, most of the men addicted to watching pornographic and if they do this at their home, they might get divorced. This shows that there are malicious sites on the Internet for collapsing families’ atmosphere.

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Secondly, Internet addiction influences people health issue in groups and as individuals. This influence can be physically such as obesity. “New research concerned about childhood obesity and kids are sedentary now. They are not getting out moving around and playing because they are sedentary in front of the screen” (Young, 2015). These concerns illustrate how young children are hitting themselves by using technology with inappropriate procedures. In addition, Internet addiction can influence mentally people such as isolation. According to Vishwanathan, Malott, Chellappan, and Doraiswamy (2013), “excessive Internet has been linked to a variety of negative psychosocial consequences, such as somatization, obsessive-compulsive disorder, depression, anxiety and psychoticism”. This shows that with the development of the Internet people decided to stay at home and reduce their communication with others, so it will affect their mind and change it to be isolated. Moreover, another mental effect is leading people to lose their confidence. According to Tyler (2002), “turning to the Internet as a way of hiding from real life, those who are socially anxious and those who are lonely turn to the Internet as a means of forming close and meaningful relationships with others in a non-threatening environment”. This statement states that people want to run away from their real life and create everything they wish would have in real life, so it obviously illustrates this perspective comes from the loss of confidence in real life.

Finally, Internet addiction negatively affects people because it has had harmful effects on the financial issue. For one element, gambling which has been a popular job for most people, it could change people behavior in different aspects. “Gambling addiction is associated with a high level of stress, loneliness and low social support” (Flora, 2015). These consequences show how gambling could endanger most families because they might lose plenty of money and they will not support their families. Furthermore, debt is the most obvious issue which is appeared among people. Gaming and creating unreal avatars in the virtual world are tempting people to spend a lot of money on them. For example, according to Young (2015), an old secretary woman stole thousand dollars from a company to create her virtual life avatar; however, she had modest life with diamonds, furs, jewelry, bizarre homes, and cars. This attitude shows sometimes people have everything and because people do not have power and statues that they could not have in real life, they create plenty of debts for themselves. Also, paying tuitions for students can be difficult for whom addicted to the Internet. For example, these days most students addicted to online gaming. “To assess online gaming addiction is associated with aggression, low sociability and self‐efficacy, and lower satisfaction with life” (Flora, 2015). This statement shows that the students will not acquire formal communication and behavior, because they were far away from society and have low sociability, thus they cannot find a job for themselves and it can be a big problem to pay their tuition.


In conclusion, the Internet is fraught with many dangers, one of which is addiction. Internet addiction negatively affects people. There are many well-established disadvantages of being addicted to the Internet. It could affect health, family and financial issues. Therefore, governments should provide prevention programs. They should correctly guide parents to how they can control this technology in appropriate ways, and parents should use different rules to prevent their kids from heavier Internet usage, including setting limit time and putting their cellphones away when eating meals at the table.

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