Law Code of Hammurabi and Its Predecessors: Compare and Contrast Essay

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The underlying systems of the Law of Hammurabi, Draco, Solon, and Diocletian can be compared in many different ways. It can demonstrate competence in information literacy by selecting, utilizing, and documenting appropriate sources. It can be compared and differentiated in the basic structure of legal codes, who the beneficiaries were, and the many historical facts. Hammurabi ( Born in Babylon) was the sixth king of the Babylon dynasty of the Amorite tribe (1792 BC - 1750 BC). His father Sin Muballit died due to poor health, and that is when Hammurabi took over as King. Hammurabi ventured out and conquered plenty of city-states such as Mari, Larsa, etc. Hammurabi was one of the best rulers of Babylon and was known for surviving a set of laws, was once considered the oldest promulgation of laws in history. Hammurabi has been best known for the code of laws known as the Code of Hammurabi.

The Code of Hammurabi was used to regulate Mesopotamian society. Hammurabi's code of laws had 282 laws, it established plenty of things such as commercial interactions and they set fines and punishments to meet the requirements of justice. The codes were carved onto a huge Blackstone that was looted by people (Invaders) and was rediscovered in 1901 and it was the first written insurance policy. Hammurabi was seen as a god even in his lifetime. He was known for great building projects, for example, Canals which were essential to Hammurabi empires agriculture. Draco (Born in Greece) was the first recorded legislator of Athens, Ancient Greece, and an early manifestation of Athenian democracy. Draco was known for replacing the law of oral law and blood feud with a written code to be enforced by a court of law. The Law of Draco was created in 620BC and was a written law, this law was in response to the unjust interpretation and modification of the oral law. Draco was commissioned by the people of Athens to devise a constitution and written law code. The written code would be placed at a location where everyone can easily reach. Plato has been the major beneficiary for centuries.

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The Draco system of Law was written on a wooden tablet with human blood. The rules were brutal, which lead to getting replaced by new ones. The new rules were created by the “Father of Modern Western Law” Solo of Athens. Solon (Born 640 BC, Greece) was a poet, Athenian statesman, and lawmaker. Solon was a Greek and was known for having laid the foundations for Athenian democracy and his efforts to legislate against the moral and political decline in Athens. Solon's Laws embraced the whole private and public life and the salutary effects which lasted a long time after the end of his constitution. Solon's legal codes replaced Draco's bad laws and the constitution was based on four classes determined by wealth, Solon retained political responsibility. Solon's reforms say that all debts were distinguished and all debt slaves were finally free. Solon's poems were the main beneficiaries of his cancellation of debt. Solon was Athens's first poet, his poetry urged the people to action and counseled the people. Solon made his poetry the instrument of his statesmanship.

Diocletian (Born 244 AD, in Croatia) was a Roman Emperor from 284-305. His family was known as being low-status in Dalmatia. Diocletian joined the military hoping to become a Roman commander to Emperor Carus. After the death of his son and the death of Carus, Diocletian was proclaimed emperor. In 303, Emperor Diocletian and others issued a series, that rescinded Christians' legal rights and demanded that they comply. Diocletian divided the Roman empire because the empire had become too big to rule effectively, and the outer provinces started to do what they wanted. Emperor Diocletian decided to try to fix this problem and others, he decided to break the empire into two pieces. Galerius, the new Augustus, was the major beneficiary of the new Caesars. Diocletian's major emphasis was that he change the tax policy of the empire by making all tax information to the public. The underlying systems of law of Hammurabi, Draco, Solon, and Diocletian showed how different they all are from each other. Diocletian divided the roman empire into two pieces thinking it will fix everything. Then there is the Draconian law, which was known for being very disgusting and harsh, Instead of writing the laws in ink they used blood. Almost all criminal offenses were prescribed death. Solon distinguished all of Draco's laws except the ones regarding homicide but Solon abolished all debts and all slaves were freed. Solon made Athens powerful and granted Athens its fame all over for centuries.

Hammurabi's laws established plenty of things such as commercial interactions, he set fines and punishments to meet the requirements of justice and had the first written insurance policy. Hammurabi and Solon's laws were similar because it was humane and they did care about the people, Solon and Hammurabi were looked at in a good light. Draco and Diocletian laws were similar because they both made really bad mistakes as a ruler and people didn’t like them as much. It’s important to utilize and document appropriate sources because it will let the people in the future know what not to do and it can also keep a record of when and where it took place. If these laws were not written down, nobody would know it happened or people wouldn’t know whether to believe it or not.

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