Negative Aspect of The Code of Hammurabi: Critical Essay

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Unfair Distribution of Power

Throughout history, enduring issues have developed across time and societies. One such enduring issue is the unfair distribution of power. Unfair distribution of power is when one group of people has more power than others. This issue affects people negatively because it shows that power favors some people over others. The unfair distribution of power is shown in Hammurabi’s Code(the personal injury laws), The Indian caste system, and Confucianism(the power in a relationship).

One enduring issue is the personal injury laws from the code of Hammurabi. Hammurabi’s code was a set of laws written by King Hammurabi during the Sumerian civilization in 1754 B.C.E. The personal injury laws were unfair because the laws favored free men over slaves and women. The law said “If a free man knocks the eye out of another free man, the same thing shall be done to him but if a free man knocks the eye out of a slave, he shall pay half the price” It also said if a man causes women to lose her child then he shall pay 10 shackles. These personal injury laws affect people in a negative way because Hammurabi’s code was patriarchial; favoring mostly free men. This is to the segregation of African Americans because the slaves and African Americans were both treated unequally one based on their status and the other based on their color.

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Another enduring issue is the treatment of the lower status in the Indian caste system. Vishnu created the caste system and labeled it as his body parts: the head: Brahmins, The Torso: Khshatriyas, and the feet Vaisyas. The Dalits were the untouchables and had no part in Vishnu’s body parts. The untouchables were considered so filthy that others rang a bell when the Dalits came near. The Dalits had filthy jobs like cleaning the streets and cleaning bathrooms. The caste system was unfair because the Dalits couldn’t buy or marry their way out of their status. This has a negative impact on people of lower status. This issue is similar to women’s rights. This is similar to women’s rights because before women got rights they were also treated unfairly and mostly made fun of if they did something out of their comfort zone.

The last enduring issue is Confucianism(the types of power in relationships). Around 479-551 B.C.E. Confucius gave advice to leaders and princes in China during the corruption of the Chinese government. The advice of Confucius on power in relationships was unfair because Confucius said only the elder man and the power in the family and everywhere. Also, he said that people must listen to their leaders even if the leader is corrupt or unfair. This affects society in a negative way because corrupt leaders can bring down the country with them and destroy the natural balance in a community. This is similar to the corrupt leader of North Korea Kim Jong Un. He’s a dictator that literally bans everything creative and allows only the things he likes. He also doesn’t give any power to the citizens and abuses the power he has.

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