Rise of Mankind and Early Civilizations: Neolithic Revolution and Code of Hammurabi

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Code of Hammurabi

The code of Hammurabi is the law that the Mesopotamians used to follow, it was a set of laws that were written by Hammurabi on a stone tablet. This is important because it showed that this civilization of Mesopotamians were advanced enough to have its own set of laws. Its effect on human development is the fact that it was one of the things that established how humans should behave in their own societies. The code also shows what Hammurabi thought were acceptable laws during this time such as killing the builder of a house if the house collapses and kills its owner due to its poor construction quality. The code also provides evidence that the Mesopotamians were more like modern times by having their own established rules.


Confucianism is a relationship that was going on a long time ago. It was essentially, a relationship that had the rich telling the poor what to do and the poor had to obey what the rich asked of them. In return, the rich were to be role models. In Confucian relationships the poor were unable to do anything in self-defense, they couldn’t do anything if a rich man attacked them. The poor couldn’t do anything that the rich deemed them unable to do.

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Neolithic Revolution

The neolithic revolution was a revolution that brought many notable things with it, such as agriculture, cities, and specialized jobs for specific people. The neolithic revolution was important because it was the time when humans started settling down at places and started having agriculture and sedentary houses. It had a huge effect on human development, it was the reason we stopped hunting and gathering and was when we started learning how to produce our own food.

The neolithic revolution is indirectly responsible for the establishment of specialized jobs, this happened because people began to need specific things done instead of everyone hunting and gathering for survival. This also shows that this is when humans began to have civilizations that started to resemble our modern one.

Iron Weapons

Iron weapons are weapons that were made from iron when iron was discovered as being able to be turned into weapons. Iron weapons were important because they showed that human beings constantly improved things, in this case, weapons. These iron weapons were important during human development due to the fact that they were able to make weapons that were better and stronger than their previous weapons which were better for surviving during these times. These weapons were able to keep humans alive when other civilizations started attacking. Iron weapons were important because they helped different types of civilizations alive so that they could eventually thrive.

In one paragraph each, explain/summarize the topic presented and address its importance in its effect on human development.


Trade is when two ( or more ) people agree to exchange each other's items. Trade is important because it is how many civilizations without specific resources acquired the resources that they needed. Trade helped humans in civilizations keep their civilizations alive and growing. Trade was done so that multiple parties could each get what they wanted, essentially, getting what you needed while incidentally helping out the person or country you're trading with. Trade helped many places flourish and is also something that we still do in today’s modern society when we need something that somebody else can provide and when in return they want something we can provide.

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