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Log Analysis in Cyber Security: Analytical Essay

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Log analysis is the term used by analyzers to analyze computer-generated records to help organizations or businesses mitigate different risks. Log analysis helps network engineers to manage different applications and infrastructures. Security analysts solve security problems. This process helps companies comply with security policies, audits, or regulations, and understand service troubleshooting. System and understand the behavior of online users. Website administrators often extract web server logs to study customer profiles and learn more about their behavior and other marketing-related tasks. 

To track visitors to your site/platform and understand the number of visitors to your site, the pages on which they spent the most time, and why the number of visitors has changed, patterns like this will help you identify opportunities including when to post a new version or product, sending a mailing, the right time to offer discounts, etc. For HTTP Errors: A common use of log analysis is searching for HTTP errors. Through your analysis, you’ll be able to understand your HTTP errors, and on what pages they occurred so you can fix the problem and essentially prevent yourself from losing potential clients. The system operator will use operational logging to take useful information such as notification of failure or potentially actionable conditions. Application and system developers who use application debug logging which is a specific type of logging disabled in production systems but can be enabled on request. 

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Troubleshooting the application: 

Logging data helps technical staff quickly Identify areas of poor performance, Application Status Assessment and Troubleshooting, Diagnostics, and Identification of Application Root Cause and Runtime. A security administrator From a security point of view, a newspaper aims to serve as a red flag in case of a problem. As the SANS Institute says, 'Journaling can be the best friend of a security administrator. It's like an administrative partner who is always at work, who never complains, who is never tired, and who is always on top. If instructed, this partner can provide the time and place of each event that occurred on your network or system. ' A business analyst (BA) Newspaper data usually contains a wealth of commercial information. Critical business information can be derived from log data and alerts when specific business objectives are met or achieved. 

  • Business Process Health 
  • Transactional data (transactions / s, etc.) 
  • SLA clients 
  • The income per hour Marketer 

Log file analysis can be a strategic advantage for digital marketers to gather information and analyze their impact on visibility, traffic, conversions, and sales. 

  • Understand which pages are useful and unnecessary 
  • Reveal pages that Google searches and those they do not see. Purchase information requests online
  • Determine which groups of visitors are most likely to convert to customers, members, or subscribers 
  • Define visitor groups based on the content they read, the actions they perform, and even the original URL. 
  • Optimize conversions 


Computers, networks, and other computer systems generate records that document the activities of the system. Organizations use it to mitigate various risks and comply with regulations. Technical and non-technical people will use the result of the log analyses to Understand and deal with data breaches and other security incidents To troubleshoot systems, computers, or networks To understand the behavior of your users Forensic science However, log analysis also saves companies time when they try to diagnose problems, solve problems, or manage their infrastructure or applications. 

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