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Love Versus Hate

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From the beginning of time, there were only two emotions that can be definitively described and portrayed with accuracy: love and hate. Love is what makes who we are it is at the source of our being and it is what keeps us alive. Hate, on the other hand, is all-consuming. It takes until there is nothing left but ignorance and greed for things that will not profit the individual. Love counteracts hate through forgiveness, compassion and most importantly continuing to love.

When someone is wronged the first response is to retaliate and make that person feel as you have felt or sometimes maybe even worse than you felt because of the pain they have caused you. To deal with such an ordeal it requires divine strength some may say. However, what of the multitude that is not spiritual and can forgive. It is innate in us to want to make peace; to overlook that part of yourself is to lose shards of who you are to other persons because of their ill-treatment and vice.

To come to a place of understanding, one must search the recesses of one’s heart and soul to produce antidote so powerful it heals you of such hurt. The hard part is that you must take that first step towards acceptance and loss of whatever is taking away the purpose of one’s life. It is difficult for someone to forgive another who hurts them so terribly that one may question his very existence for answers. To be diffident and must reprieve someone who is so lurid with their attempts damage you. It takes more than compassion; it takes strength to stand up for one’s self when no one else thinks that you have a chance at survival.

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Au contraire, hate consumes its vessel till it has nothing left. Hate does not forgive because to forgive one must harbour a love for something other than selfish gains. To hate something, you need to be greedy for the downfall and happiness for your satisfaction. Furthermore, even if these are achieved it will never be enough resulting in a bottomless pit of the misery of always wanting to do their victims more wrong. Hate blinds them and they forget how to love and be normal. Therefore, everyone’s bane is himself because you are the only one who can control your actions. Actions of abhorrence illustrate a weakness in one’s character and sense of self.

Compassion for persons who love is not always easy, but it is attainable. To have compassion means to give someone a second chance regardless of the probability of being hurt again. Strength comes from giving persons a reprieve. To make a life worthwhile one must love wholeheartedly so that they can absolve themself and others from suffering. Hate cannot fix or heal the problem; it only deepens the wounds inflicted on the individuals involved.

Moving on for anyone is hard. Not overlooking the past wrongs will inhibit us from becoming better people and overall cause us to fester hatred and resentment in our hearts for various reasons. Hence, making the conscious decision to love makes it perspicuous to remedy your psyche. Hate perplexes the heart and causes never-ending heartache.

In conclusion, love covers for the faults of others and ensure that those faults do not corrupt who you are. In contrast, to loathe is a menace of the heart that will not cure. It will cost you many relationships and one may never experience the serenity of closure. Therefore, it is imperative to note that love is the cure for all ailments.

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